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My Puppy Loves It!

My puppy tried pork and turkey and loves it. But realised that pork does not have all the probiotics ingredients that turkey and lamb have as listed on this website. Not sure if it's missing info here or it's really not in the food.

Good raw food

Repeated buy several time. Fast delivery and most importantly, the food look great and my puppy love it.

Surperb Quality

My dogs love this and the older dog has managed to lose weight while on this diet. It is also supposed to be good for skin. Just started on it a couple of months ago and will wait to see its impact on the boys.

my dog loved it

my dog love it so much, won't switch back to the other dog food i bought for him

K9 Natural Lactose Free Milk

First try K9 milk for my pup n she loves it!

K9 beef & hoki

Once I open, the smell immed attracts my pup attention. My first try. :)

Nice cooking bandana

The bandana material was good and the cool gel last for almost the whole day!

Puppy loves it!

Great one for puppy.


hard to chew.. it's ok for my SS but not for my toy poodle


bought this for my SS puppy. Good quality.

Its meal not treats.

I was confused if its treats or meal. I want to say its kibble sample.

Not sure

Thought this would be more of ziwipeak ingredients but it seems like it has a lot of other things inside not just beef.

Too sharp

Im scared if my puppy will get cut in her month. This is too sharp and too tough.


If I give her the tablet form my puppy throws up, so this should be easier.


Not sure if it helps to have a beautiful poop but I keep feeding her because I believe this brand is very good.

Happy treat for doggie, love it.

Nice individual packing, doggie loves it.

Fed this after antibiotics treatment

Good to give after antibiotics treatment.. replenish good bacteria. Doggie more alert after taking.

Probiotic Powder for daily supplements

Adding into the meal, doggie likes it. Hope to see positive changes to his stools.

My dog is a senior dog and have been looking at other raw foods but are not suitable for him until i found this brand. Great poo and he loves it!


Smooth transaction … good deal . Happy buyer 😀

Good food for sensitive tummy

My Maltese is still having soft stool but at least it is not the jelly kind. Thanks!

Senior wants more... east on tummy with the food transition

Our 11 y/o Landseer Newfie loved it. No issue on transitioning her from her old food to this. Hope she will stay slim and fit in her golden years.