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Good training snack


Food delivered promptly

My dog loves his petcubes!

good service from your team

My kids absolutely loved it and licked the bowl clean! Healthy and easy to prepare. Definitely one of the best and healthier choices available.


I have a super picky eater and struggle with finding the right treats I can give him for reward based training. This product is a rare find and I absolutely love it! Will definitely be ordering more soon. Thank you GDP for such a fast delivery!

Delicious treats

My doggy enjoys these treats very much!

Pet Cubes Complete Gently Cooked Salmon & Sardines Frozen Dog Food

My 12yr old Beagle has been on medication for the longest time for skin allergies. Pet Cube meals helped her so much to alleviate her skin irritation condition and her coat is now nicer than a puppy!
GoodDogPeople ordering process, fast delivery (can be literally the next working day!), prompt response to queries is commendable. Prices are also cheaper than ordering from other shops.

Free gift

Small packet but yet to try. Kibble sized treats

Carna4 chicken

Very fast delivery. My dog seems to be loving the food. Synthetic free!

Will buy again

It's convenient for feeding as it only requires thawing. My dog is 24kg and eats 8 cubes (2 packets) a day, which is 2 boxes per week.

Too pricey and unsustainable

I bought 2 packets of lamb and 1 packet of duck because I thought it would be convenient for feeding.

My dog is 50+ lbs and according to feeding instructions, eats 12 patties a day. This bundle of 3 packets lasted me only a few days but cost me the same price as her previous raw diet (Pet Cubes) which lasted me 2 weeks at least.

The lamb patties were very hard to crumble. Duck patties are much softer and easier to break.

Ingredients are good but the price makes it unsustainable due to the quantity my 24kg dog eats.

My dog loves it!

Our doggo only whines 4 good food!

Been using since forever!

No weird smell. Useful & convenient

2nd time purchase. My doggo love it!

Has a meat smell to it. Ingredient has no veggie / grains. Suitable for my sensitive doggo.

Simple Grain Free

Faste delivery,thanks seller

Alaskan Salmon Oil

My furkid like it,hope it will improve his skin condition.

Can Last Quite Long

Bought this because at this it is something the dogs will take time to chew and not lose interest so fast compared to the other non-food bones that they have.

Finally My Dogs Like it

My dogs are fussy eater, especially the small one. At least for this product they will eat faster, perhaps it is small size kibbles. Or maybe they find it more delicious.

Excellent for itchy dogs

My dog is hyperallergenic and many things can set her skin off. This is the best her skin has looked so far after 3 months on this product.

It's easy to prepare, no fuss and my dog literally dances when she's waiting for me to put the bowl down because she loves this food so much.

We tried other products in the brand but this is still our fav.

Our daily go to dental treat!

Our dog gets super excited every morning when we give him his greenies dental chew! It is so hard to find the 43 pack in stores and we normally have to buy it from overseas. We love that the Good Dog People offer this range at the size we want!

Stella and Chewys Meal Mixers for the win

Our dog loves the Stella and Chewys range, especially the meal mixers. They are made from 95% real meat product. My dog is a real fussy eater but he loves the meal mixer range! I highly recommend it and love that The Good Dog People offers it at a reasonable price with the 3 for $88 deal!! Will most definitely buy this again.

Reasonable price clicker

We have to work on it to train our dog...

Easy to use

Easy to use & the tape is sticky. Sometimes, it’s not easy to remove the tape.

My dog likes it

My dog likes the dog food

Nice wipes

Convenient wipes to clean doggie after walk or poo.