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Lovely scent

First time using this product on my puppy and it smells nice and not overpowering. My puppy seems to enjoy it too and brings her calmness.
However, I do notice her scratching quite a bit after her shower. I'm not sure if it is because she is sensitive to this shower gel or the Fuzzyard Puppy conditioner.

Will try to isolate it the next time i bathe her.

Beautiful collar

Very sweet colour and quality looks like its made to last. Secure clip that is of good quality as well. Overall a good purchase at this price.

great durable squeaky toy for tug of war

Perfect toy for tug of war

Good for dogs

my puppy teeth bled the first time he tried but gave him a different piece and it was good! One could last for 4-5 days since we take it away once he gets bored of it and give it to him the following day.



Pet Cubes Gently Cooked Duck

My maltipoo puppy has been loving this, and it doesn't trigger her sensitive stomach.
Great for doggies with food allergies, and her coat has been really shiny after switching to PetCubes.

My pups love it and delivery is timely. Thanks GDP 😀

Comfortable and easy to use

I got Size S for my maltese who weighs 3.65kg, who has a neck circumference of about 8 inches. It fits well and my girl looked comfortable in it. In fact, I thought she secretly likes it as she does not struggle and would lift her head up for me to put it on. She snored while sleeping with it!
Definitely recommend this over the hard cone.

Low odour good value

Have been buying diff Brand’s of bully stick but I think this one is quite a new favourite in terms of value for money. There are many small sticks in a bag and is less greasy n Low odour in a bag. Easier to control portion. Have bought more since!

My pup loves it! However when package arrived, I felt it was already rather thawed. As a frozen meal package I think more thought could be put into the delivery process to ensure freshness.

Lactogold fan

loyal supporter of lactogold especially + K Gel. keeps the dog's digestive system in control

Seems to like it.

Seems alright. Hope my dog continues to eat it.

My dog loves it

My senior dog loves it but very expensive. I only give to the older dog who has the leg problem. He finished all within 4 days

Pet Cubes Gently Cooked Duck Frozen Food

Great quality and flavor variety for our super picky eater!

Crazy for “Ong Lye” tart

My dog the corgi loves this! It squeaked which she loves & I use it to train her to jump and catch in mid-air.
I hide her treats & she just wants me to hide more to challenge her.
I bought for her siblings too & they loved it too.

Easy usage, improved my pup’s gut health!

Easy to add into my dog’s food, no rejection, useful especially for when she’s having stomach upsets

Nice fragrance

Bought it because it is pet safe. The smell is also not stingy like the usual repellent spray.


My dog loves it. It helps to occupy his time and energy.


My dogs love the meaty taste. Use it mostly as toppings or as treats. Pricey though


My dog simply loves the meaty taste. Use it mainly as toppings or treats. Pricey though


Been giving to my 2 furkids. Hope it will benefit their digestion and gut in the long term.

Well loved!

Bought it for my friend's dog, and her dog loved it so much and kept asking for more!

Can last long

Really helps my puppy with the chewing, can keep him occupied for a long time

My pup loves it as always! Delivery was smooth and efficient!