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Happy dog

Trialed this sample pack, senior westie loves it, and it doesn't seem to affect his skin allergies! Also one of the few treats that my old dog can still track via scent though the smell is actually not strong to my human nose.

Helping allergies and energy level

My senior Westie has had bad itchy skin allergies for the last 3years. Previously changed to prescribed hypo diet which helped slightly but lowered his energy levels drastically. Origen senior seems to have the same effect on his skin as the hypo diet, but improves his energy levels. He's often jumping like a puppy again. Happy purchase


My senior dog's favourite treat since he was a puppy. Petite size is smaller than our usual purchase but still works fine

Good quality

Good quality and my SS loves it. My boy has sensitive skin and does well on this. He loves the taste of it as well. Thumbs up.

Fantasy food

My dog is 9yrs old. She has skin allergies and was diagnosed with a list of ingredients that she couldn’t eat. Eggs being one of them and tocopherol listed in the ingredients too. Grandma Lucy is one of the only few dog foods that works for Erwen.
When she was diagnosed with pancreatic 2 yrs ago and this work perfectly well for her diet.

This brand went out of stocks recently and I was lucky enough to find this left . I hurried and grab it.
The man of good dog people who answers through the web chat patiently provide me with a list of alternatives which doesn’t contains eggs and tocopherol are amazing. Great service that went beyond.

My dog loves it

My pup loves it, and I like that it is a single-ingredient snack. Am hoping it helps her joint health

Economical but still monitoring efficacy

Have yet to feedback on the efficacy, but the fact that I only need to use 1/4 tsp a day helps to economise

More 'feminine' harness that is still sturdy

Good reasonable buy!

Great product!

Been using this for a long time, good toothpaste. My dogs teeth are clean after using.

Great product!

Good item, my dog likes this a lot. Easy to feed as well.

S&D bully stick is great!

I bought many rounds already! My GR love it!

Too small

Overall it’s good but the size seems to be smaller than described. My pup is growing fast, I think I won’t be able to put it on her soon. Should have gotten one size bigger.

Fun and safe toy

It’s fun and safe to chew on for my pup. Can put treats to make her busy with it. It’s easy to clean too

Good for puppy during teething stage

I bought it for my puppy and yes, she loves it. One can last for almost one week. Good especially she is teething and this is really safe for her to chew on.

staple for my furkid

Chosen turkey because my furkid is allergic to chicken. Kangaroo is another option, but she usually has a harder time passing stools as it's very dry and hard - therefore I assume turkey is more moist.

Perfect training treat

I use this as a training treat for my puppy - this is perfect, easy to tear into smaller pieces without crumbling and smells great

Puppy enjoys playing with it

Puppy enjoys playing with it - fun squeaky chew toy for him and rolls around

Pleasant smelling ear wipes

My puppy will sit down rather calmly and allow me to clean her ear with the wipes. It is gentle and does not have any strong smell or feeling on my hands. Cleans pretty okay too as puppy scratches less


Have a promo of buy one get one free so it is value for money. Zeal’s mussels is good for my dog cos it helps hee joints


My dog loves these cubes. The beef flavour is her favourite. She’s a big dog so I can’t afford to feed her only the cubes. I used the cubes as toppers over her kibbles and she finishes everything without fuss.

My puppy loves it

Quality dog food, my pup loves it. Delivery was swift and easy.

Fast delivery

Thanks for the fast delivery always. My dog been take big dog barf turkey since young puppy . she’s always happy eating and growing well