Freeze Dried Dog Food

Freeze Dried Dog Food

Freeze dried dog food offers an appealing option for pet parents wanting to combine the health benefits of raw food with the convenience of the regular, traditional pet food. Compared to frozen or fresh raw pet food, freeze dried raw pet food is considered shelf-stable – it doesn’t need a refrigerator or freezer storage. It’s also lightweight meaning it takes up little space and you can transport it easily within the home or from your car.

Since freeze dried raw food for dogs will not require special storage, it is ideal if you plan to travel or if there is a sitter taking care of your pet who does not want to jumble with food. It’s also good for the elderly, convalescent, or sick dogs that are reluctant to eat. Again, because the dog food is so tasty, it makes a wonderful little starter for your four-legged friend. At Good Dog People, we provide you with quality, tasty, nutritious freeze dried dog food in Singapore and we also ship internationally.


Yes, freeze dried dog food is great for your dogs because it possesses ingredients that are very high quality with little to no processed ingredients. The big difference between frozen raw dog food and freeze dried pet food is the moisture. The latter has less moisture compared to the former, otherwise, you find that it’s nutritious, appealing, and great for your pet.

The best freeze dried pet food should be nutritious. It should contain important ingredients including vitamins and minerals to ensure the health of your dog. Also, you want to choose a dog food that is tasty so that your pet will be interested in eating it.

The idea of having freeze dried dog food is simply simple – to provide a dry, raw, quality meat diet that offers the nutritional goodness you find in natural whole foods. Freezing the recipe helps quickly lock in the nutrients before it’s put in a vacuum seal to reduce pressure. The process evaporates the frozen water within the meat turning it into vapour in a procedure known as sublimation. What you have is the raw meat recipe you began with, except that it is completely dry.

Unlike frozen materials that tend to deteriorate fast if you don’t keep the cold chain, with freeze drying, it better preserves the biologically active cultures as well as enzymes thus allowing the meal to benefit your pet’s digestion, coat health, and skin.

Freeze dried dog food, though doesn’t seem to be as raw as fresh raw foods or raw frozen foods, they are still considered raw dog foods. There is no heat applied to cook the food, so no nutrients or live enzymes are lost – your dog food still remains as good as raw.

Do you need quality food for your dog that gives the nutrition nature intended? Get freeze dried dog food at Good Dog People.