Dog Toys & Gadgets

Dog Toys & Gadgets

For dogs, toys aren’t a luxury but a necessity. They are essential for the wellbeing of your furry friend: toys help prevent boredom when you aren’t around in your home, help stimulate the dogs’ playful side and alleviate their chewing needs. They also provide comfort when the dogs are feeling nervous. Having dog toys in your home helps prevent dogs from using your sacred possessions, like your favourite pair of shoes or worse, expensive furnishings! At Good Dog People, we offer you a huge collection of toys for your playful dogs. Increase their happiness inside the home in Singapore, with dog toys by Good Dog People.


The best toys for your dogs are the ones designed to allow creativity, playfulness, comfort, and safety. They also need to be made from safe materials that cannot harm your dog or become a choking hazard. You want to learn the behaviour of your dog so that you offer him what toy he needs. Good Dog People offers you dog toys to help achieve different goals. There are toys for interaction, comfort, and others for training and learning.

The toys intended to make your dog playful help increase the physical and mental energy of your canine. Interactive play dog toys provide an opportunity for your four-legged friend to socialize and learn good, helpful behaviour. Also, there are toys that help in fostering good health, for instance, those designed for cleaning and strengthening the teeth.

Dogs love chewing, pawing, and biting, so you may want to get dog toys that won't easily be damaged by these common behaviours. Chew resistant toys ensure that the dog is safely able to play with them while not damaging them or putting the dog at risk of choke.

When it comes to choosing the right colour for your dog toys, you want to do it correctly. Dogs don’t see colour the way we humans do, it’s only a small range. Also, dogs tend to notice or detect differences in colours by the intensity of the shade. Mostly, dogs see the blues and yellow wavelengths. So, if you find those shiny red colours, probably your dog won’t notice them as easily. Going for the blue colour allows your dog to see the toys easily.

Toys are made of different materials ranging from plastic to fabrics to rubber. Basically, you want a material that is suitable for the dog and won’t likely cause harm. Are you looking for dog chew toys or dog plush and dog balls? We offer you a variety of dog gadgets and toys you can choose from at Good Dog People. We also do international shipping!