Dog Milk Replacers & Broth

Dog Milk Replacer

Liquid broth and milk replacersare great as an added supplement to your dog’s diet. They may not look much, but it's considered a nutrition powerhouse for dogs full of amino acids, vitamins and minerals. They are easy to digest and soothing for the gut, which makes it perfect for senior dogs, puppies, or dogs feeling under the weather.

Whether you are looking for bone broth or dog milk replacers, there are many options available at Good Dog Peoplefor your dog’s enjoyment. 

What are Liquid Broth and Milk Replacers?

Liquid broth is a stock liquid packed with nutrients made from raw or cooked bones. The delicious taste is achieved by simmering poultry, beef, or pork bones (or all three) for up to 24 hours or more. For added flavour and nourishment, it’s also common to throw in a mix of vegetables. Alongside proper diet and exercise, consuming liquid broth can provide benefits for dogs to support their overall well-being. There are a variety of broths available, including frozen ones.

Milk replacers for puppies are the equivalent to baby formulas for humans, except it's specifically made for nursing puppies without their mother. Puppy milk replacer is a good way to ensure the puppy gets all the nutrition and nutrients for healthy and steady growth.

For adult dogs, milk is a good source of nutrients like protein and calcium, as well as important vitamins like D and B12. While your dog’s regular diet should already contain these nutrients, milk can be used as a great treat, or if your dog is not drinking enough. Dog milk replacers are great for dogs who love milk but are lactose intolerant. 

The Benefits of Liquid Broth and Milk Replacers 

There are many benefits to liquid broth, including joint protection, liver detoxification, gut health and digestion support. The presence of collagen, gelatin and glycerin all help with these benefits for your dog. Needless to say, both liquid broth and dog milk are very delicious supplements to your dog’s daily meals!


If for whatever reasons your dog is unable to nurse or if your puppy is no longer with their mum, there are commercially viable alternatives to puppy milk. Since not all milks are made equal, you want to avoid regular cow’s milk from the grocery store, which can lead to sinus problems, diarrhea, or tummy aches.

For newborn puppies, the best puppy milk replacer is always a vet-recommended puppy milk replacer. You may also consider a milk supplement for puppies. For older dogs, choose goat’s milk or lactose-free milk like Zeal Lactose Free Pet Milk.

In general, dogs don’t need milk once they are weaned. However, if your dog enjoys the taste of milk, a little dairy or non-dairy milk is fine for many dogs as an occasional treat. Avoid regular cow’s milk from the grocery store, and opt for goat’s milk, non-dairy milk or lactose-free milk instead.