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At Good Dog People™, our commitment to dogs, people, and the planet isn't just a motto — it's the cornerstone of everything we do. As Earth Day approaches, we reflect on our promise to our customers and the world: to prioritise the well-being of all beings and the health of our planet.

Always Dogs, People, and Planet First: Our Promise to You

We Put Dogs, People, Planet First


As dog lovers ourselves, our furry companions are at the heart of everything we do. From carefully curated products that prioritise their health and happiness to expert advice and support for dog owners, we strive to enhance the lives of dogs in every way possible. Whether it's better nutrition, safe and durable toys, or comfortable essentials, we believe every dog deserves the very best.


Our dedication extends beyond dogs to the people who care for them. We understand the bond between humans and their canine companions, and we're here to support that relationship every step of the way. From personalised customer service to educational resources and community engagement, we're committed to empowering dog owners to provide the love and care their pets deserve.


But our promise doesn't stop there. We recognize the interconnectedness of all life on Earth, and we're deeply committed to environmental stewardship. As a business, we are always looking for ways to reduce our environmental footprints. We love products from sustainable sourcing and eco-friendly packaging. We're continually striving to contribute to a healthier planet for future generations.

Our Promise to You

Better Price Guarantee

In addition to our dedication to dogs, people, and the planet, we also want to ensure that you receive the best value when shopping with us. That's why we offer GDP's Better Price Guarantee. If you find a product with another online retailer that’s better than what you can get on, we'll beat it. Claiming your GDP's Better Price Guarantee discount is simple. Just fill in the form and our friendly customer success team will process your discount without questions asked.

On-Time Guarantee

We're confident in our ability to deliver your package on time because we use our own in-house fleet of drivers. As a responsible service provider, we understand that the consequences of delivering a package late can be devastating. If your order arrives later than 3 working days, fill in the form and our friendly customer success team will issue a $5 voucher without questions asked.

We Give Back

At GDP, we make an impact not just by working with animal shelters but also by raising awareness of responsible pet ownership in Singapore. We're excited to be partnering with Singapore’s first social enterprise specialising in animal-assisted interactions, aaisg, through education, training, services, programs, research, and professional guidelines.

We Set The Standards

At Good Dog People™, we take full accountability for what we offer. By setting the highest procurement standards, you can be confident of what you put in your dog’s bowl. If it doesn’t meet our standards or Animal & Veterinary Service's guidelines, you will not find them in our store. This makes us distinctly different from other pet stores because most of them stock everything; we don't.

We Tax Ourselves For Earth

Our monthly conservation donation supports the Acapa - Bajo Mira y Frontera Forest Conservation Project in Colombia managed by Pachama Inc. This offsets our monthly carbon emissions, contributing to the fight against climate change.

We Are A Zero-Waste Company

As a member of PACT (No Plastics In Nature) led by WWF-Singapore, we're committed to reducing and recycling plastics. 100% of our packages are fulfilled with reused cartons or FSC-certified paper bags except frozen food. Your trust and support in choosing Good Dog People™ has a direct impact on protecting your dog's well-being, restoring nature to fight climate change, and putting accountability into action.

Always Dogs, People, and Planet First: Our Promise to You

Let’s Celebrate Earth Day with Our Dogs!

Celebrating Earth Day with your dogs is a wonderful way to honour our planet and spend quality time with your furry companions. Here are some ideas to celebrate Earth Day with your dogs. With these ideas, you and your dog can celebrate Earth Day while making a positive impact on the planet.

Nature Walks

Take your dog on a scenic hike or nature walk in a local park or nature reserve. Enjoy the fresh air, soak in the beauty of nature, and let your dog explore new sights and smells. Remember to prioritise your dog's safety and well-being during any Earth Day activities. So, prepare an emergency first aid kit with all the necessary items to treat injuries, and always respect local regulations and wildlife. Use biodegradable doggie poop bags like the Earth Rated Eco-Friendly Poop Bag to clean up after your dog.

Beach Clean-Up

If you live near the coast, consider organising or joining a beach clean-up with your dog. Bring along a reusable bag and gloves, and together, pick up litter to help keep the beach clean and safe for wildlife.

Plant a Tree

Get involved in tree-planting activities in your community. Planting trees helps combat climate change, provides habitat for wildlife, and improves air quality. You can even involve your dog by letting them help dig a hole for the tree (under supervision of course!) or by planting pet-friendly plants in your own garden.

Eco-friendly Shampoo and Cleaning products

One environmental concern associated with traditional shampoo and cleaning products are the introduction of chemicals into water sources. As conventional shampoo and cleaners are rinsed off, the chemicals they contain are washed down the drain and may ultimately contaminate various water bodies, including our water supply.

In contrast, eco-friendly products lacks harsh chemicals and readily break down, preventing the introduction of toxic substances into our water systems. At GDP, we offer a diverse selection of environmentally friendly dog shampoos. Among them is the Kin+Kind Itchy Pet - Rosemary+Peppermint Natural Dogs & Cats Shampoo, which is made with USDA certified organic ingredients and packed with skin nutrients and natural minerals to reduce skin itchiness. And, when faced with messes created by our furry kids indoors, opt for a natural, biodegradable product devoid of harsh chemicals. Rather than resorting to cleaners containing potentially harmful substances for the environment, contemplate utilising a more eco-conscious alternative. We suggest trying the Bio-Home Pet Safe Lemongrass And Green Tea Floor Cleaner For Home. Crafted from natural plant-based ingredients, it ensures safety for both pets and even infants.

Always Dogs, People, and Planet First: Our Promise to You

Washable, Reusable & Waterproof Leakproof Mat

Washable, reusable & waterproof leakproof mats can be more eco-friendly compared to disposable pee pads. Washable pee mats can be reused multiple times, significantly reducing the amount of waste generated compared to disposable pads that are used once and then thrown away. While washing the mats does require water and energy, it is generally more efficient than the manufacturing and transportation processes involved in producing disposable pads. The PeapodMats are 100% waterproof, washable (up to 500+ washes) & breathable. Makes cleaning up easy. Unlike other waterproof mats that may contain lead or mercury coating, the PeapodMats are certified by an independent third-party lab to be free of lead, cadmium, mercury and all phthalates. They are safe and comfortable for both humans and pets.

Eco-friendly Dog Toys

Get creative and make eco-friendly dog toys using recycled materials. For example, you can repurpose old t-shirts into tug toys or stuff empty plastic bottles into socks for a crinkly chew toy. Not only is this a fun activity for you and your dog, but it also helps reduce waste. Alternatively, you can do a toy swap with other paw parents! If you do end up buying new toys for your fur kids, try to look for eco-friendly dog toys and toys that are durable, washable and longer lasting.

Donate to Animal Conservation

Support animal conservation efforts by donating to reputable organisations dedicated to protecting wildlife and their habitats. Many conservation groups offer symbolic adoptions of endangered species, which make great gifts for animal-loving dog owners.

Responsible Protein Sources

Many of our dog food products, including several of our dog treats, are crafted from humanely raised protein sources. As a conscientious pet owner, a simple yet impactful change you can make to your dog's dietary lifestyle is to prioritise eco-friendly options. Seek out dog foods and treats that feature humanely raised protein sources, cultivated without the use of added hormones, chemicals, or growth stimulants. Not only are these chemicals detrimental to your dog's health, but they also pose risks to the environment. The Bailey+Co line of dog food exemplifies this commitment to responsible resourcing. Their Bailey+Co New Zealand Freeze Dried Raw Dog Food is formulated with grass-fed, sustainably sourced proteins. Their freeze-dried dog food and dog treats are free from grains, gluten, antibiotics, and hormones.

Always Dogs, People, and Planet First: Our Promise to You

As we celebrate Earth Day this year, we reaffirm our pledge to always put dogs, people, and the planet first. We will continue to seek out innovative ways to minimise our environmental impact, support our community, and enhance the lives of dogs and their humans. Join us in celebrating Earth Day and our shared commitment to dogs, people, and the planet. Together, we can make a difference — one paw print at a time. Let’s create a brighter, more sustainable future, and raise dogs better, together.








Katherine Khoo
Katherine is a Pet Nutrition Specialist and GDP’s Pet Wellness Advisor. She is committed to helping pet owners make informed dietary and lifestyle choices in nurturing healthy pets. Katherine is also a practicing Nutritional Therapist (human nutrition) and has been helping hundreds of clients to heal naturally with nutrients.

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