The Barkery

The Barkery Best Natural Dog Treats

Home-grown right here in sunny Singapore, The Barkery specialises in creating healthy and delicious hand-made treats, meals and tasty supplements for every pup! With stringent standards for everything from quality to taste and aroma, The Barkery is committed to delivering high quality food for dogs using natural ingredients and healthy cooking methods.
Their range of creative and tasty dog diets include all-natural frozen bone-broth slow-cooked with love, their awesome range of other  frozen dog food like Muttballs Meal Toppers for picky eaters and tasty Bark-kwa jerky that make perfect doggy rewards!


All ingredients in  The Barkery treats are human-grade and have been screened thoroughly to ensure they are safe to consume, non-toxic and beneficial for dogs. The Barkery dog treats are also subjected to extensive research and testing when sourcing for new ingredients.

The Barkery dog treats are made with love in their Singapore-based kitchen. The Barkery is fully licensed by NParks to produce food for dogs and regularly undergo strict inspections.

The Barkery’s  mouth-watering products are packed with safe nutrients derived naturally from vegetable ingredients. Their treats do not contain any sugar, plain flour, sodium, cream, artificial preservatives, artificial colourings or artificial flavours. 

In fact, The Barkery aims to minimize their use of ingredients outside of a canine’s natural diet. They use common and nourishing ingredients like minced chicken, sardines, pumpkin and more. Even their food colouring is made from scratch using fruits and vegetables.