Always Dogs, People & Planet First

1. We Give Back

At GDP, we make an impact not just by working with animal shelters but also working on raising the importance of responsible pet ownership in Singapore.

To build a civic-minded nation where people and animals coexist harmoniously together, we need to reach out to everyone, including the young.

We're excited to be partnering with Singapore’s first social enterprise specialising in animal-assisted interactions/interventions, aaisg through education, training, services, programmes, research and professional guidelines. Do check out our first collaboration here.

We Tax Ourselves - Good Dog People's Promise | Best Online Pet Store Singapore
We Have Standards - Good Dog People's Promise | Best Online Pet Store Singapore

2. We Set The Standards

At Good Dog People™, we take full accountability of what we put on the table.

We scrutinise our sources so that you don’t have to worry about feeding your dog shady ingredients or buying from an unethical food chain. By setting the highest procurement standards, you can be confident of what you put in your dog’s bowl. If it doesn’t meet our standards or Animal & Veterinary Service's guidelines, you will not find them in our store. This makes us distinctly different from other pet stores because most of them stock everything; we don't. 

3. We Tax Ourselves For Earth

Our monthly conservation donation provides support to Acapa - Bajo Mira y Frontera Forest Conservation Project in Colombia managed by Pachama Inc.

The monthly donation protects an estimated forestation area of 2433.6km² and around 684 tree seedlings. As a business serving the pet community in Singapore, this offsets our monthly carbon emissions of about 545.4kilograms of CO₂, equivalent of around 70,000 smartphones charged, 0.048 flights around earth and 230 liters of gasoline consumed.

We Tax Ourselves - Good Dog People's Promise | Best Online Pet Store Singapore
We Lead By Action - Good Dog People's Promise | Best Online Pet Store Singapore

4. We Are A Zero-Waste Company

100% of our packages are fulfilled with reused cartons or FSC-certified paper bags except frozen food. As part of PACT (No Plastics In Nature) led by WWF-Singapore, we're one of the 22 champions in Singapore pledged to reduce and recycle plastics, paving the way for a circular economy.

With over 200,000 e-commerce parcels delivered daily in Singapore and its packaging contributes to about 2–3% of overall household packaging waste, this figure is projected to grow by nearly 50% by 2025. 

Our Sustainability Measures - Good Dog People's Promise | Best Online Pet Store Singapore

We pledge to reduce excessive packaging material by:

1. Reducing air volume and amount of air fillers used

2. Eliminating use of secondary packaging if the product itself already comes in sufficiently protective packaging

3. Increasing ease of removing different material components (i.e. labels, tapes) in the packaging to increase recyclability of packaging material

Use packaging material that has the least impact on the environment by:

4. Offering reusable packaging that eliminates the need for e-commerce packaging

5. Using mono-material packaging with certifications from Forest Stewardship Council, FSC®

6. Using the Alternative Materials Tool for all applicable procurement decisions

Your Choice Matters,
Of Course.

We're more than just a pet store - we care about doing things better. Your trust and support in choosing Good Dog People™ has a direct impact in protecting your dog's wellbeing, restoring nature to fight climate change and preserving our wildlife habitat.

Together, we can make things better. Raise dogs better with GDP today.