Dog Eye Care

Dog Eye Care

Good Dog People helps you focus better on eye care for dogs

No matter what your dog’s eye health levels currently are, Good Dog People can help you care for the health of your dog’s eyes. Eye care for dogs is extremely important, especially if you have a dog with a genetic predisposition for certain disorders. Start early and stay consistent when it comes to eye care for dogs using our clean, sustainable, and feel-good wellness products for canines.

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Generally, you should conduct any kind of eye care for dogs under the supervision of your veterinarian. However, home care that helps your dog’s eye health includes rinsing your dog’s eye and eye area with a gentle and simple saline solution you get from your vet’s office. You can dip a cotton ball in the solution, wipe away the discharge from the eye, and even carefully distil the solution into the corner of your dog’s eye to clear away debris.

Technically, you should be using approved-for-pet-use, safe products that are designed to address your dog’s eye health. An example is the Eye Envy Tear Stain Remover Solution for Dogs, which specifically reduces issues caused by overactive tear ducts. This product has a pet-safe formula that is plant-based and gently flushes the eyes of dirt and debris.

Cleaning your dog’s eyes is easy to do when you have the right products. It all depends on what your pet likes and which brands you trust. For example, some pet owners don’t want to use saline solution eye drops because their pups feel anxious or resistant. Instead, to maintain eye care for dogs, these pet owners may opt for wipes, such as the Artero Cosmetics Finger Eyes Wipes for Dogs.

Other pet owners may choose a simple powder, such as the Eye Envy Tear Stain Remover Powder. This is a natural and mild cleanser that also has antibacterial properties. However, a powder is only safe for external eye use, such as the fur area around the eyes that could get caked with tears and then become infected. In that case, you can use Shake Organic Eye Cleanser for Cats and Dogs, which not only clears the eye of tears but also relieves eye infections.

Besides eye cleaner solutions, one of the best ways to ensure optimal dog eye health is through diet. Like caring for the digestive tract or ensuring soft, shiny fur, eye care for dogs starts with what they eat. You want to look for diets that include a healthy amount of fish oils, which are a source of omega-3 fatty acids. These natural compounds help preserve moisture, functionality, and overall dog eye health. 

You can also opt to use a supplement specifically for omega-3s. An example of this is the soft chew eye care supplement, Naturvet Tear Stain, which you can give your pet directly like a treat. You can also opt for a ‘liquid’ form of the supplement, such as theZeal New Zealand Hoki Fish Oil Dog Supplement, which you can mix into their food.