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Many pet parents might find the idea of training or retraining anadult dog daunting and impossible - so the question iscan you train an adult dog? Here are somedog training tools to help answer the question

Training An Old Dog


1. Before The Training

Before you start thisdog training process, you should recognise that your dog has most likely been trained and already has an established understanding of acceptable and unacceptable behaviours. Be positive and set realistic and attainable goals because your mindset, expectations and attitude will set the tone for the entire training process. It is also important to note that this process is not an overnight or instant process, it will take time and require patience and consistency.

Before The Training


2. During The Training

Now that you’ve set the tone and direction of the training it is a question ofwhat commands to teach your dog and how to go about doing it. Start witheasy dog commands like sit, paw or stay and reward them withdog treats likeBARE or give them verbal praises - this will help to stimulate your fur-friend’s mind and motivate them to learn more. Be clear when giving commands so as to not confuse your dog - keeping both you and your dog stress-free. Most importantly, keep in mind that this process is more than just training, it’s about developing a relationship - so enjoy the process and have fun!

During The Training


3. After The Training

Just as with puppy training, training your adult dog requires consistency and patience so don’t forget to revisit and revise thedog tricks taught and learnt even after your dog has successfully done it. Don’t be afraid to move on to more complicated tricks once your dog has mastered thebasic dog training tricks.

After The Training


So the answer to whether you can train an adult dog is yes! It is absolutely possible all you need is the right approach, the right attitude and some delicious little motivators.

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