Air Dried & Dehydrated Dog Food

Air Dried & Dehydrated Dog Food

Air Dried & dehydrated pet food combines the best of dry and wet foods for your furry friends. Air dried or dehydrated dog food is high in nutrients because the process of removing water or dehydration doesn’t destroy the entire nutrients. The ingredients of the food begin as raw substances and because there are fewer nutrients lost through dehydration, it makes the food to be healthier for your pet compared to the highly processed dog foods. You will have dog food that is almost as good as raw allowing your pet to enjoy the goodness of raw food.

Air Dried & dehydrated food also tends to last longer compared to fresh food and doesn’t require the use of preservatives that kibbles often use. Good Dog People brings you a wide selection of air-dried dog food that is not only nutritious but also tasty.


Yes, combining the best ingredients to ensure a balance of minerals, nutrients, enzymes, and vitamins, dehydrated treats prove a good option for your pet. Dehydrating meat and offers dog food ingredients ensures that your pet gets all the nutritional richness it deserves while also ensuring that the food is free from dangerous pathogens often found within raw meat. Dehydrated treats are easier to store compared to raw treats and will last longer if you store them properly.

At Good Dog People, we stock dehydrated chicken dog treats and dehydrated sweet potatoes for dogs. Choose from our selection of dehydrated raw dog food.

While the duration it takes for dehydrated dog treats to remain edible may vary, most will last about two to three weeks.

Air dehydrated food is good for your dog because the dehydration process only serves to preserve the food and do away with harmful microbes that could infect your pet. You have raw food that will remain useful for a couple of weeks before it goes bad, yet it has the nutrients you would in raw dog food.

Air dehydrated dog foods tend to last several days to weeks. Often, you will find that different air dehydrated foods take different shelf-lives meaning that the time for vegetable-based air-dried treats may last differently from meat-based air-dried food. Make sure that you check the label to see when the food is likely to expire.

Good Dog People offers you high-quality air-dried dog treats for a tasty, nutritious meal. Give your canine friend a special treat and health with air-dried pet foods. Choose from our meat-based and vegetable-based air-dried dog treats.