Dog Food Mixer

Dog Food Mixer

Say goodbye to boring dog food bowls thanks to Good Dog People’s range of dog food mixers and toppers. Featuring delicious formulas that are packed full of nutrition while also being kind to sensitive tummies, mix ins will revolutionise the way you feed your dog.

All dog owners want to give their pets the best food to help them thrive. In trying to do the right thing, pet owners almost always stick to only feeding their dog the same food. However, just like humans, dogs can become tired of foods. Dog food mix ins are a way to provide a bit of variety to your dog’s diet. An added bonus of dog mixes is the fact that they are highly nutritional.

What are dog food mixers

By adding a dog food mix into your dog’s meal, these toppers enrich your dog’s diet with the raw protein they may not be getting from their regular food. Dog food mix ins are also the cure for fussy eaters. With a stronger taste than kibble, dogs will find it more palatable. It’s worth noting that when it comes to determining exactly what a dog food mixer is, the definition is broad. Dog food mix ins can be anything that goes into your dog’s regular kibble or dry food. This includes toppers like freeze-dried toppers, wet dog food or mixers and of course meal mixers.


Dry dog food can be successfully mixed with a lot of products from the mixers range. You can pour some broth over the dog food and it will soak into the dry food. You may try mixing freeze-dried and raw ingredients into the bowl with the dog food.

Whether you mix the food in or choose to use the mixer as a meal topper, it doesn’t matter as dogs will love the food no matter what. Fragrant, delicious and a change on the menu, all mixers pair well with the dog food you are currently using.

Meal mixers are incredibly good for dogs. The highest quality dog food mix-ins will feature ingredients that are rich in nutrients, antioxidants, proteins and healthy fats to provide your dog with wholesome benefits.  

Whether the mix in is a broth topper, frozen ‘muttball’ or dinner dust, you can trust that mixers will provide your dog with a host of benefits to support not only good gut health but overall health.

You can mix two different dog foods together. Pets can’t receive complete nutrition unless they are getting the benefits from both dry food and dog food mix ins. Just be careful to introduce new foods into your dog's diet gradually. 

Most dogs are used to eating the same thing day in and day out. So, adding a new dog food into their existing food should be done carefully. This means introducing the new food into the mix gradually over the course of a week. This method will also help you determine if mixing the food is causing any stomach sensitivity.