Dog Bathing & Spa Care

Dog Bathing & Spa Care

When you live indoors with your dog, you will have to take care of its needs all the time. That includes dog grooming and bathing as well. We offer a wide selection of the best dog spa and dog shampoo products on the market. You can find all kinds of grooming products and supplements designed to help your dog stay clean and healthy.

All our products are available in the Singapore area, with international shipping available in countries worldwide. Browse through our offer and find products that will help you turn your bathroom into a dog spa.

Types of Products We Offer

We offer a vast selection of dog grooming and bathing products. That includes a few different brands and product types for dogs of any size. Here's a quick overview of the available categories.

Dog Shampoos

With an extensive offer of dog shampoos, you will be able to find products that will help keep your dog clean and healthy. That includes anti-flea and tick shampoos, antibacterial shampoos, facial cleansers, itch-relief shampoos, tooth and gum wipes, and so on. All of these products have a specific use. So, you can find something for any dog.

Dog Grooming products

Many dogs have long hair that needs to be groomed regularly. We offer many different grooming products, including bathing and scrubbing tools, combs, brushes, slickers, nail grooming tools, slickers, and so on. Our inventory has something for every dog. With a little care and extra love, you can make your pet look like a million dollars.

Everything your dog needs

Our goal is to provide you with everything your dog needs at affordable prices. Of course, all of the products in our store are tested, made from high-quality ingredients, and will help your dog smell and look better than ever. You will also need some form of tick and flea protection, so don’t forget about that.


The frequency of bathing your dog depends on a few different factors. That includes activity level, allergies and skin conditions, and the length of the hair. Generally speaking, you should wash your dog at least once every three months. However, if you live in a small apartment and your dog starts to smell, you can bathe your furry friend once a week with the right dog shampoo.

Grooming your dog largely depends on the length of his hair. With that said, you need at least seven products, including shampoo & conditioner, comb or detangle spray, brush, grooming wipes, scissors, nail clippers, and a microfiber towel. You can experiment with different shampoos and other products, but make sure you have the rest of the hardware to keep your dog clean and healthy.

Although some dogs like water more than others, it's never a good idea to give them baths every day. Most of the shampoos and other dog grooming products are safe and don't irritate the skin or hair. However, if you bathe your dog every day, he might develop problems in the long-run. Stick to once a week and use wet-wipes to freshen up a few days a week.