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Ziwi Peak Dog Food

A more modernised and skilled approach to air-drying is what makes Ziwi Peak dog food one of the best dog food. Ziwi Peak twin stage air-drying process allows them to prepare and provide air dried dog food that matches the nutrient density and digestibility of a raw diet - while also removing harmful bacteria. This air-drying process has provided all Ziwi Peak air dried dog food a 21-month shelf life without having to include any artificial preservatives into the pet food

With so many quality options you might wonder how is Ziwi Peak a good dog food. One of the reasons is because Ziwi Peak dog food is simple and easy to feed. All you need to do is to scoop a serving from the bag into your dog’s food bowl and you are done. Ziwi Peak air dried dog food is also rich in meat content and kilocalories (kcal), meaning you can feed your dog smaller amounts each day but still have them feeling full. Ziwi Peak dry dog food is also 95% digestible this means there is less of a mess to clean up in the litter box. If your dog prefers wet food, you would want to explore Ziwi Peak wet food product line which can be found here at gooddogpeople.com. For the good dogs and the good dogs in-training, Ziwi Peak dog treats are great snack motivators to encourage good behaviour.

If you have no idea where to buy Ziwi Peak dog food in Singapore or where you can find the best price on Ziwi Peak dog food there is no need to worry. At gooddogpeople.com, you can find attractive offers on food products like Ziwi Peak canned dog food and more!




Ziwi Peak prides themselves on delivering peak nutrition in the form of the highest quality pet food. They’re able to achieve this because there are zero rendered meals, growth promotants or hormones, grains, or cheap fillers added into their recipes. Ziwi Peak also produces their food in small batches with all ingredients sourced only from sustainable, humane, and ethically managed farms. The high protein recipes actually work great as an alternative to a raw diet too!

Ziwi Peak’s nutrient dense formulas make it extremely economical and value for money! In fact, one scoop of Ziwi Peak Air Dried Dog Food provides at least 318kcal, compared to a premium dog kibble (195kcal/ scoop) or even premium freeze-dried dog food (99kcal/ scoop). This means that you feed less per meal compared to any other diets, which also makes it more economical! All Ziwi products are formulated for a slow release of energy which will keep your pet fuller and satisfied for a longer time.

Each bag of Ziwi Peak Air Dried Dog Food comes with a ZIWI scoop inside. This scoop holds about 2oz/ 56.6g of Ziwi Peak dog food. The recommended serving size differs depending on the weight of your dog, and hence the time taken to finish one bag also differs. We recommend using Ziwi Peak’s feeding calculator to determine how much to feed your pet, and you should be able to derive how long one bag will last from there.

Yes, Ziwi Peak’s range of Air Dried Dog Food is a nutrient dense air dried raw dog food that can be fed as topper or meal on its own. The gentle air drying process eliminates any harmful bacteria naturally while retaining the essential raw nutrition and taste of food. It’s just as nutritious and digestible as a completely raw diet, in the convenient form of air dried!



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