Dog Skin & Coat Care

Dog Skin & Coat Care

Just like humans, a healthy and well-balanced diet can show through the skin, and in a dog's case, its fur and coat as well. Apart from a healthy and well-balanced diet, the type of grooming products you choose for your furry friend as well as the frequency of grooming also help in keeping their skin and coat healthy and shiny. 

With the array of dog skin care products in the market, what is good for your dog? With Good Dog People, you can be assured that the skin and coat productswe list are made with natural ingredients and are safe for your dogs to use. 

From grooming tools like slickers and combs to shampoos and conditioners for targeted use, there is something for every dog!


There are many established and trusted groomers out there that can keep your dog’s coat in shape. However, if you are up for trying to maintain your dog’s hair, here are some tips that might help!

As a rule of thumb, even with the warm and humid weather in Singapore, you should not shower or bathe your dogs too often. Speak with your vet to find the best bathing frequency for your dog depending on their skin and coat condition.

Spending as short as five minutes each day to comb your dog’s hair can also help with shedding and while at it, you get to bond with your dog too! What's more, regular brushing stimulates your dog’s circulation while removing hair and dead skin, hence making your dog’s hair healthier.

Omega-3 is known to promote healthy skin and a shiny coat. Proteins like fish, in particular, oily fish like sardines, salmon or anchovies contain the vital nutrients that support healthy skin and a shiny coat. If you find your dog’s coat lacking the shine, try fish oil supplement.

Feeding your dog a raw food diet also helps promote shinier, healthy coats. A fresh, raw diet that contains adequate protein, fat, vitamins, and minerals means that your dog is receiving the right nutrients and with better health, comes improved skin and coat. Good Dog People offers a range of fresh and raw frozen foodthat can help kickstart your dog’s raw food diet.

Coconut Oil is a good source of Omega-6 and it helps to improve coat and clears up skin problems such as hot spots, dry skin, itchiness, fungal infections and wounds.

For dogs with sensitive skin or skin allergies, oatmeal shampoo offers many benefits, including soothing and moisturizing your dog’s itchy skin and relieving dry skin, hot spots, tick and flea problems. With healthier skin, your dog’s coat will naturally become softer and shinier. Good Dog People carry different types of oatmeal shampoo for your dogs.

Avoid grooming products that contain colourings and fragrances as they may further irritate your dog’s skin, causing poor coat health. All the shampoos, conditioners and moisturizers that we carry are made with natural ingredients and are not tested on animals.

Consider hypoallergenic pet wipesfor your dog’s wipedown after the daily walks to keep them clean without drying their skin and coat. Supplements such as Augustine Approved SuperBoost Original Powder for Dogs also help promote healthy skin, shiny coat & strong nails. Simply mix it with your dog’s food at meal times!