Dog Harnesses & Leashes

Dog Harnesses & Leashes

Walking your dog is a daily activity that provides the perfect situation for the two of you to build a healthy relationship. However, you must choose the right harness and leash for your dog. There are multiple types of harnesses, so you have to figure out which one works best.

Generally speaking, harnesses are a great thing because they allow you to control your dog, reduce pulling, and relieve pressure on your dog's trachea. We are a Singapore company that offers high-quality harnesses and leashes designed for all dog sizes. We offer international shipping for all our products.

Types of Harnesses

We offer dog harnesses and leashes made from the best materials. They are all designed to help you teach your dog how to behave on the streets. There are a few different types of harnesses in our offer. Here's a quick overview of the available models and what they offer.

No-Pull Harnesses

Some dogs tend to pull on the leash when you go out on a walk. The no-pull harness is designed to provide you with complete control that prevents your dog from pulling on the leash. They are ideal for dog trainers and owners who want to teach their pets how to walk rather than run and keep pulling the leash.

They allow you to pull on your dog and redirect his movement on the go. Instead of using one clip, these harnesses use two clips specially designed to be used with a training leash. The Freedom No-pull harness is one of the most popular choices.

Classic Dog Harness

The classic dog harness allows you to attach a leash to a single clip located on the front or the back of the harness. They are designed to keep your dog comfortable while providing you with plenty of control. These harnesses often come with leashes and are the most-used type of harnesses there are.


When it comes to dog leashes, we offer dozens of different options in every size, shape, and colour. Depending on your harness, you can find many different types, including rope leashes, classic leashes, multifunctional leashes, and so on. A high-quality dog leash is as important as the harness. Find the perfect collar and make sure that it can be attached to the leash.


The best dog leash should be made from high-quality materials, such as leather or nylon. They should provide excellent control and shouldn't be longer than 10 feet. The final choice depends on the size and character of your dog.

Walking your dog without a leash proposes all kinds of treats to the dog, as well as the environment. It's always a good idea to keep your dog on a short leash when walking down busy streets as you never know what could happen. Our leashes are comfortable, durable, and provide control at all times.

A dog harness offers better control, and it keeps your dog from getting tangled up in the leash. They are perfect for small pups that didn't learn to walk on a lead yet. They also provided more control and eliminated pulling. Leashes, on the other hand, allows more freedom as your dog gets to walk at his pace beside you.