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Stella & Chewy's is one of the several dog food brands available in Singapore that manufactures one of the best dog food. Their main aim is to provide a raw diet for dogs with only the good stuff and no nasties. They are able to do this because Stella & Chewy’s has their own patented raw dog food safety process, SecureByNature®, helping to ensure that your pet’s food does not contain any harmful bacteria while still preserving Stella & Chewy’s dog food nutrition with optimal health benefits.


Stella & Chewy’s has a variety of products which includes freeze dried dog food, raw dog food, dog kibble and more. Stella and Chewy freeze dried raw product line is one of the best rated freeze dried dog food in Singapore which includes the Stella and Chewy freeze dried patties, Stella & Chewy's meal mixers, Stella and Chewy raw coated kibble, all of which provides the raw and natural nutrition your dog needs.

One question that many ask is how many patties in Stella and Chewy freeze dried bag. It’s about 30 patties in a 14oz bag, and about 50 patties in a 25oz bag. If you also wonder how much is Stella and Chewy dog food, we have several deals which you may be interested to check out below. Rated 5-star by Dog Food Advisor and Whole Food Journal, Stella & Chewy's is one of the best choice of dog food for your four legged companion.




Stella and Chewy’s provides best-in-class solutions for all pet parents looking for high protein and nutrient dense dog food, no matter the diet type. From the Stella and Chewy’s freeze-dried dinner patties to their raw coated kibbles, all ingredients that go into their food are sourced from trusted farmers and ranchers to ensure that only the highest quality pet food is produced. All recipes feature the use of real meat, organs & bone (with up to 75% in their dry dog food, and up to 95% protein in their freeze-dried range) without any added hormones or antibiotics - only the good stuff!

Absolutely! Stella & Chewy’s puts food safety as their #1 priority! In fact, a key feature of their patented SecureByNature® food safety process is the High Pressure Processing (HPP) process; It’s 100% natural, FDA- and USDA- recognised as an anti-pathogen treatment. The use of high pressure to eliminate harmful bacteria while still delivering pure, real, raw nutrition and taste sets Stella & Chewy’s food safety standards apart from others.



High Protein Raw Coated Kibbles

These premium kibbles are coated with raw, gently baked and highly palatable

Limited Ingredient Kibbles

The perfect solution for dogs with food sensitivities or allergies

Raw Blend Kibbles

An energy boost fuelled by a combination of high protein kibble and freeze dried raw pieces

Freeze Dried Raw Dinner Patties

These 95% meat recipes are formulated to mirror a dog's ancestral diet

Freeze Dried Meal Mixers

Designed to mix with any existing diet for a boost of raw nutrition and taste

Freeze Dried Treats & Biscuits

These treats are perfect for training and day-to-day indulgences

Stew & Broth Topper

Just like homemade, these stews and broths are kettled cooked in small batches