Dog Anxiety & Stress Aid

Dog Anxiety & Stress Aid

Although anxiety and stress are unpleasant emotions, it is not unusual for dogs to experience them. All breeds can be affected but each dog may manifest it in different ways. When anxiety levels in dogs are not addressed, this creates the risk of dogs developing an anxiety disorder. Without proper treatment, this can deteriorate into other issues such as behavioural problems.

Causes of Anxiety

Various causes of anxiety for dogs include separation, fear and aging. Dog separation anxiety solutions are available for dogs that are not able to seek comfort after being separated from their family or left alone. This anxiety is typically demonstrated through behaviours such as excessive barking, destroying items, defecating and urinating around the home.


Best anxiety relief for dogs is useful for easing symptoms like restlessness, pacing, depression, destructive behaviour, panting, drooling and aggression. Treating dog anxiety involves identifying the kind of anxiety and possible triggers and causes. This is essential for determining whether the anxiety is recurrent or situational.


The best anxiety relief for dogs consists of natural therapeutic products that are suitable for the dog and its lifestyle. Since anxiety can result from various factors, soothing shampoos, sprays, calming candles, relief vests, essential oils and supplements can be considered. At Good Dog People, our goal is to provide these products to help you deal with your fur friend anxiety.

Along with developing a relief plan, it is important to spend quality time with dogs, playing and bonding with them while deploying effective techniques to ease the symptoms of anxiety.


Physical activities are great for reducing anxiety. Playing, walking and regular exercise can help to ease tension. It is essential to give the dog a safe area within the home that can serve as a refuge or retreat whenever he feels anxious and needs to calm down. It’s important to listen to your animal when you see the early signs, or speak to your Vet about how to see these signs.

Common signs of stress in dogs include self-harm, destructive behaviour, running away, hiding in a corner, pacing and panting, howling or barking when the owner is away and shivering.

Studies show that a dog is aware when you are stressed and can feel it as well. The levels of stress in a dog can be influenced by the stress levels of people around them. Dogs may mirror their owners’ stress and anxiety.

Signs of anxiety in dogs vary and may include non-stop barking, urinating around the house, chewing everything, tail thumping, escaping, yawning and trembling.

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