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  • SINGLE PROTEIN diet consists of only chicken meat, bones & offals & Annie's natural blend.

    Only Sakura chicken is used and you can be certain it's free from nasty growth hormones & antibiotics.  

    Great for furkids who have an intolerance to other proteins and reducing yeast stains due to red meat. 

    Or simply, for the love of chicken!


      • Visible chunks of meat & organ (other than bone, which is always ground)
      • Proteins are from ethical and traceable sources
      • No preservatives
      • No additives
      • No artificial flavourings or colourings
      • No nasties, fillers, lies & nonsense

        • Breed Size: All Breeds
        • Life Stage: All Stages
        • Special DietGrain-Free, By-Product Free, Limited Ingredient
        • Protein: Chicken
        • Size:310g
        • Made In: Singapore

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        • Malaysian lacto-fed whole chicken and bones, liver & gizzard, Annie's blend.

          Annie's blend consists of:

          1. Secreting organs: Liver | ​Kidney | Spleen | Pancreas | Eyes
          2. Muscle organs: Heart | Lungs​ | Gizzards | Tripes | Tendons
          3. Carrots, hand cut+cold pressed  | Spinach | Beetroots Green + red apples | Celery | Wakame Seasonal cold pressed pulps (Dog beneficial species) | Spirulina
          4. Rolled oats | Flaxseeds | Wolfberries | Turmeric blend | Mussels Chicken or quail eggs | Garlic | Anchovies Cold pressed coconut oil | Blueberries | Cranberries

          * Absolutely nothing denatured, synthetic or artificial. Please avoid using our products or contact us if your furkids have allergy to specific ingredients

        • Protein 17-23%
          Fat 5.5-8%
          Fibre 4-5%
          Calcium 0.6-1.5%
          Phosphorus 0.5-1.2%

              • HOW MUCH TO EAT:

                A fixed formula is a lie. There isn't 1 size fit all amount and very much depends on activeness, age, breed & other factors. Please exercise common sense and feel your furkid. Weigh your pet periodically to find the ideal weight to maintain (take clue from their parents matching gender) and find the right amount to feed. Most importantly, conduct a yearly wellness blood test with the vet to review health values. For a start, use the below as a guide:

                1. Puppies & Highly Active Dogs 3 to 5% of body weight over 2-3 meals daily

                2. Healthy Adults, Pregnant Females & Seniors 2 to 4% of body weight over 1-2 meals daily

                3. Late Stage Pregnancy & Lactating Mum 3 to 6% of body weight over 3-4 meals daily

                STORAGE GUIDELINES:

                1. Always store in freezer: Please keep the food in the freezer upon receiving them at -18°C minimum

                2. Thaw overnight in fridge: If portioning, refreeze after thawing. Avoid 2nd refreeze to maintain the freshness

                3. Feed to your needs: Maintaining a fixed timing routine is the best way to feed!

                4. Never cook any of our raw products: All our products contain bones. Never attempt to cook our meals for cooked bones may splinter and cause damage to the mouth and guts

                5. The young pups, cats & pregnant: For puppies up to 12 months, cats and mothers to be, be sure to break into at least 2 smaller meals

              • The product's presentation, packaging, size and measurements are subject to change by the manufacturer without notice. While images and descriptions listed are only meant to be guidelines, the integrity of the product shall remain the same.  

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