Wellness Dog Food

Wellness continue to push forward to represent a new generation in natural pet food. They know healthy doesn’t have to be hard, which is why they offer a simple, holistic approach to pet food that focuses on real ingredients with real benefits. They use superior nutrients and probiotics to provide the foundation for whole-body health while satisfying every appetite and providing just what pets need for a happier, healthier, longer life.

Treating your pet to Wellness dog food is one of the best things you can do for your furry friend. Wholesome, all-natural and nutritional, Wellness dog food works to ensure your pet’s health.

Wellness dog food uses real meat to give your dog high-quality protein, fresh fruit and vegetables to provide antioxidants and omega fatty acids as well as probiotics. This means that Wellness dog food looks after your dog’s immune system health, as well as skin and coat health.

By staying away from artificial colours, flavours, corn, wheat and soy, as well as by-products, Wellness truly is a wholesome food for your dog. With formulas ranging from Complete Health to Core, Wellness truly looks after your dog.

The Wellness Range

Whether it’s canned food, dry dog food or meal toppers that your pet enjoys, Wellness has a range of flavours from chicken and turkey to salmon, so that every pet can find the food they enjoy.

At Good Dog People, we scrutinise our procurement and manufacturing sources so that you can be confident about what you put in your dog’s bowl. You can trust the Wellness range to provide your dog with the nutrition and sustenance needed to take on the day.

The Wellness range at Good Dog People features Wellness core dog food, puppy formulas, weight management recipes and much more. For complete whole-body health, there is no other brand quite like Wellness.


Known for its high quality products that cater to dogs of all sizes and ages, Wellness is one of the most popular brands of dog food. Focusing on all-natural and wholesome recipes, Wellness dog food provides the best nutrition for your dog.

Representing a new generation in natural pet food, Wellness offers a simple, holistic approach to pet food. Their focus on real ingredients with real benefits makes Wellness the perfect dog food for your furry friend.

Wellness has a range of dog food that is highly beneficial to dogs of all ages and sizes. Their most popular products are from the Wellness Core range as this dog food is high in omega fatty acids and probiotics while also being grain-free.

Wellness Core puppy is the best product for younger, active pups. High in omega oils, low in carbs and made with 9 antioxidant-rich fruit and vegetables, it’s the complete package for your growing puppy.

For smaller breed dogs, the best Wellness food is Wellness Core small breed. Supporting heart health with a grain-free formula, this dog food is rich in antioxidant fruit and vegetables and also promises to help dogs prone to joint conditions.

Wellness is owned by the pet food company Wellpet LLC, that is based in Massachusetts. Launched by veterinarians, animal nutrition experts and food scientists, Wellness is a trusted company for all things pet food.