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The honest kitchen’s dedication towards providing your dog with food that meets their standard of human-grade dog food - makes them one of the dog food brands with the best dog food. Honest kitchen is committed to provide your dog with the best organic human grade dog food - that is why they say no to added chemicals in their recipes. Suppliers are also required to sign a yearly guarantee and statement to ensure that strict food safety standards are met and uncompromised.

Honest kitchen has a sizeable range of products that cater to the various needs and wants of dogs. Honest kitchen dehydrated dog food or dry dog food product line offers four different recipes - whole grain, grain-free, limited ingredient and base mix. Honest kitchen’s grain-free dehydrated dog food and their limited ingredient dehydrated dog food cater to dogs with food sensitivities or allergies. While honest kitchen dehydrated food recipes like their whole grain and base mix are for dogs with more tolerant stomachs and offer a peak amount of nutrition and delectableness. Honest kitchen pet food products like their broths and milk, gives your dog that extra immunity boost they need.Their meal mixers, proper toppers, are high in meat content, grain-free and will definitely get your dog excited for meal time. Reward your dog with honest kitchen delicious grain-free training treats.

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The Honest Kitchen is one of the top producers of premium-quality pet foods in America. This is largely thanks to their commitment to creating human grade food that is actually food for pets.

The Honest Kitchen pet food is the best pet food you can buy. Featuring a level of quality and safety that is often unmatched in the pet food world, the Honest Kitchen takes the stress out of pet ownership.

By only sourcing fresh whole foods from people they trust, the Honest Kitchen ensures quality. This process guarantees that your pet will taste the difference. Say goodbye to fussy eaters. Honest Kitchen pet food is tasty, safe and healthy.

Made from human-grade and certified-organic ingredients, the Honest Kitchen dog food can be just as good, if not better than the food pet owners will sit down to eat! Complete and balanced for all life stages, the Honest Kitchen pet food truly looks after your furry friend.

The Honest Kitchen range features a variety of dehydrated dog food, digestive supplements, dog food mixers, base mixes and cookie treats. Whatever product you treat your pet with, you can be sure to notice real results like higher energy levels, silkier coats and improved digestion and body weight.


Good nutrition from a young age is vital for a dog’s overall health. As the Honest Kitchen produces nutritionally balanced food, their products are suitable for puppies. It is worth noting that puppies have different dietary needs.

These differing needs don’t require puppies to be fed more. Instead, puppies should be fed a sufficient amount of calories (like those that come from protein and fat) to support proper growth and development.

The Honest Kitchen pet food is great dog food. Each product line utilises a range of real meats, whole grains, fresh fruits and vegetables to ensure that your dog is eating a nutritional and balanced diet.

Such a vast range means that your dog can eat these products all the time. Increasing the chances of noticing real results like better digestion, shinier coats and of course, higher energy levels.

Honest Kitchen food is formulated to meet the AAFCO Nutrient Profiles which means that they can be fed alone. Honest Kitchen pet food features balanced calcium and phosphorus ratios so, you may add extras in moderate amounts if your pet likes variety.

Popular add-ins can be things like meat, raw meaty bones, plain yoghurt or a variety of fruits and vegetables. If you do add different foods to Honest Kitchen dog food, limit it to between half a cup and a whole cup.

It is also worth noting that base mixes like our dehydrated base mixes such as the grain free fruit and veggie recipe and the grain free veggie, nut and seed mix do actually require the addition of a protein.



Dehydrated Dog Food

Formulated with specific ingredients to cater to various health and dietary needs

Wet Dog Food

Packed with vitamins and minerals, these wet dog food recipes give your dog the nutritional boost needed.

Meal Mixers

These meal mixers are high in meat content and are a great way to get your dog started on the honest kitchen diet

Grain-Free Dog Treats

Even the cheekiest of dogs become well-behaved once fed with these low calories, grain-free treats