Dog Bowls & Feeders

Dog Bowls & Feeders

Pet owners are aware of how important the dog’s overall wellbeing is, and food is the most important way to give nutrition to your pet. Choosing the right dog bowl and feeder can also have an impact on your pet’s health, based on the materials and ease of using the bowl. There are various options that are available on the market, including a number of unique dog bowls that were created with the dog in mind, and to address all your puppy needs.


Plastic, steel and ceramic all have their worthwhile features. A plastic dog water bowl is affordable and difficult to break. It is important to observe how a pet reacts to substances that are made from plastic as some dogs may be allergic to them. Steel bowls are easy to clean, unbreakable and stable. Ceramic dog bowls are easy to clean and come in different colours but are vulnerable to breaking when knocked over or dropped.

Floor vs. Raised

Elevated dog bowls can help to reduce the risk of bloating and other digestive problems. On the other hand, a bowl on the floor can be useful for improving digestion by compelling the dog to consume food slowly. Raised dog feeders typically cost more but they offer the advantage of enabling pets to eat with ease in a comfortable position. A dog bowl stand prevents the bowl from being moved around while your pet eats.

Ongoing Feeding

For people who want their pets to be able to access food and water at any time, there are different options ranging from a dog food dispenser to programmed feeders. This can be convenient if you plan to be away from home for a long period of time or your pet needs constant access to flowing water and food.

Slow Feeder

A slow feeder dog bowl makes it necessary for dogs and cats to eat slower, which helps to address the risk of bloating the results from gulping down their food. These types of dog feeders prevent dogs from eating too fast by slowing down their mealtimes.


Slow feeder bowls are effective for dogs that usually eat fast but they are a good option for any dog. They help dogs slow down and chew their food properly, which enhances digestion and leads to less gas and better digestive health.

Choose the most suitable slow feeder bowl for your dog with the appropriate difficulty level that will slow down eating while ensuring that it is not too hard as your pet may be unable to eat. From puzzles to spirals there are different designs of slow feeder bowls to minimise regurgitation, bloat and choking.

Raised feeders are linked to reducing the dog’s risk of developing bloat that can be fatal. In case of any concerns regarding the safety of using these feeders, consult your veterinarian. The vet may recommend them for pets that have health conditions that require the use of raised feeders.

Picking the right dog bowl is essential for keeping pets safe, healthy and happy. Enjoy free delivery for orders when you spend more than $39 and get $10 off your first order when you shop with us. Our bowls and feeders can help pets eat properly and prevent gastrointestinal problems.