Dog Collars & Charms

Dog Collars & Charms

Nothing can make your dog look unique like a well-picked dog collar and charm. If you want to find something extraordinary for your furry friend, we've got a massive offer in stock. You can find all kinds of dog charms, collars, and other accessories your dog will love.

Our offer includes dozens of classic designs for collars, but we also have a few unique models like the GDP x Thomas Wee Amelie Bespoke Dog Collar. It's a highly fashionable collar that will make your dog look luxurious like a real royal pup. Our store is located in Singapore, but we ship our products all over the world. There is something for everyone's taste, and the prices vary from a few dollars to a few hundred dollars per collar. Most collars work with every leash in our offer.

Types of Dog Collars

Apart from classic dog collars, we offer a few exclusive products designed for specific occasions. That includes lick-prevention collars, choke prevention collars, and of course, traditional dog collars. Let's take a look at what these types of collars are and how they work.

Lick-Prevention Collars

When your dog is recovering from surgical intervention or a broken bone, you will have to use a lick-prevention collar to stop it from aggravating the wound. It's normal for dogs to want to lick the area that hurts them, but doing so can lead to infection and other health issues that could lead to severe consequences.

You will get a plastic lick-prevention collar at the vet's office, but they are usually very uncomfortable. Not only that, but they also are often oversized, so your dog will run into doors, walls, and will have a hard time moving around. Our lick-prevention collars are softer and much more comfortable while still preventing your dog from getting near his wounds.

Choke Prevention Collars

These types of collars will provide you with more control while walking your furry friend, but without choking it. The collars in our offer are all made from high-quality materials that can withstand almost anything. With steel D-rings and our unique buckle bone side release, you can rest assured that your dog won't choke no matter how hard it pulls on the leash.


While many dog owners use classic collars, our vote for the best dog collars goes to anti-choke collars. They are designed to stay loose around your dog's neck, no matter how hard they might pull on the leash. These collars come in many different sizes and colours. Most are made from either nylon or leather.

Yes, it is. Dog collars are not dangerous in any way if you attach them correctly. Just make sure that it's not too tight or loose, and your dog will be just fine. You should take it off only if your dog starts losing hair and coat around the neck.

Dog head collars are designed to help you train your pup. They provide more control and allow you to guide your dog to where you want it to go. They are not cruel in any way, but you don't need them unless you want to train your dog.