Dog Ear Care

Dog Ear Care

Good Dog People supports natural dog ear care with clean and safe brands

A dog’s ears are used for more than just listening. Dogs communicate with us using their ears. Whether your pooch has big, floppy, furry ears or pointy, perky ears, the best ear care for dogs will help you prevent infections and keep their hearing sharp for years to come.

Good Dog People can help you preserve your dog’s hearing and ear health using the holistic, all-natural products that provide the best ear care for dogs. Our brands are carefully selected for their pet-safe, non-toxic, and holistic benefits. Whether you’re addressing your dog’s ear health through a limited ingredient diet or you're using better grooming products to keep them clean, Good Dog People can help you find the right brands for your pet’s total health and wellbeing. Visit us online and find out how better pet products make for better pet lives at Good Dog People today.


You have two options when it comes to cleaning your dog’s ear on a regular basis. The first is a cleaning solution, and the second is wipes or sprays. These options are the best ear care for dogs. Keep in mind that this is not for healing infections. Those issues will call for the supervision of a vet.

An example of an effective dog ear care solution is Vet’s Best Ear Relief Wash for Dogs. Wipes or cotton balls dipped in solutions meant for topical applications will help maintain the ear flap’s health. A particularly handy set of dog ear care wipes to have on hand is the Artero Cosmetics Finger Ear Wipes for Dogs.

Now, it’s important to use only pet-specific formulas because the all-natural ingredients won’t cause allergic reactions nor will they dry your dog’s delicate ear skin out.

Serious ear infections require the supervision and assessment of a vet. Furthermore, ear care solutions and ear washes that are used to clear a dog’s ear infection should only be used as a stop-gap until you can see a vet.

That being said, using a mild apple cider vinegar solution can be one of the best ear care for dogs. You can use a tablespoon of ACV mixed with half a cup of water and dip a cotton ball out to clean your dog’s ears if they have a mild infection. Otherwise, try Dr. Gold's Ear Therapy Ear Care Solution for Dogs.

Cleaning your dog’s ears naturally calls for natural products. Good Dog People has quite a few options you can choose from for optimal dog ear care that are also natural.

These include:

Once you’re done with your dog ear care routine, offer your pooch lots of healthy treats, cuddles, and belly rubs. This positive reinforcement will help them stay happy when it’s time to be cleaned, instead of feeling anxious.

The ‘best’ ear cleaner for dogs is a highly subjective choice because, really, there are quite a few reputable, high-quality brands you can rely on. What you should look for in any of these products, and what we at Good Dog People use to select the best dog ear care products, are factors like all-natural ingredients, often lab-tested, free of parabens and other artificial scents or chemicals.