TropiClean Dog Shampoo & Health Products

Get Pets Clean With TropiClean

Keep pets feeling their best with TropiClean's variety of products. TropiClean is dedicated to providing top quality products that are beneficial to pets and pet parents alike. These products primarily include all-natural TropiClean dog shampoos, ear and eye care, tear-stain treatments, conditioners and other products with ingredients that are carefully selected to be gentle on your pets' skin.

Whether you have dogs or cats, the TropiClean brand of products has the grooming supplies that keep your pets' coats looking great, ears healthy and breath fresh.

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TropiClean shampoo is safe for your furry companion, making it a trustworthy brand for all your grooming needs. TropiClean provides shampoos, conditioners, breath aids, conditioners, ear washes and other grooming products that help keep your pet clean and healthy.

For pets with trouble in the ears, try TropiClean's alcohol-free ear wash with cocoa butter or the dual-action cleansing and drying ear cleaner.

Freshen your dog's breath with the TropiClean Fresh Breath for dogs oral care kit, which helps break down tartar and freshens their breath with an easy-to-use oral gel and finger brush, or try oral drops that are easy for your pet to drink.

Remove stains with Spa by TropiClean, which is a tear stain remover and facial cleanser for dogs. Using blueberry and oatmeal, the tearless cleanser helps eliminate stains on fur.

There are specific TropiClean products designed for cats, as the TropiClean Fresh Breath drops for cats and dogs or the different 2-in-1 pet shampoos, including papaya and coconut or oatmeal and tea tree scents. Use the TropiClean OxyMed anti-itch medicated spray for cats or dogs, or opt for the OxyMed ear cleaner for cats with gentle, fast-acting relief. Browse all of TropiClean's cat products to find the best options for your feline friends.