Dog Urinary Care

Dog Urinary Care

Great pet owners know that what’s on the inside counts just as much as what’s on the outside. Your pet may have a beautiful, shiny coat and lots of energy with minimal to zero health issues. But do you know what’s going on inside? Besides frequent visits to the vet, there’s no way to truly know if your pet is at risk for future urinary tract issues — that is, until they show clear signs. And, by then, they may have to simply suffer through it. However, our team at Good Dog People know that the best urinary care dog food offers a holistic approach to caring for your pooch.

At Good Dog People, we help our families and pet owners take a preventative and protective approach to their dogs’ internal health. By offering high-quality, premium options for urinary care for dogs, we’re helping pet owners ensure their pooches experience total health. A combination of dietary and nutritional adjustments can make all the difference. From prescription diet urinary care products to non prescription urinary care dog food, there are multiple ways to help your dog stay healthy and regular down under.


The problem with many commercial brands of dog foods is that they contain way too many soy and grain fillers. Studies show that the heavier a diet is in the incorporation of cereals, the more likely it is that your dog’s urinary tract will develop crystals or their immune system will become inflamed.

The best foods that provide a level of urinary care for dogs includes a species-appropriate high meat protein diet with a reasonable amount of vegetables. However, the more vegetables in a diet, the more alkaline levels increase in the urine, which again leads to an environment ripe for E. Coli to crystalise.

Some owners decide that a biologically appropriate raw food diet (also known as BARF) is the best non prescription urinary care dog food for their pets. Others want to boost their dog’s urinary tract health with an ongoing cranberry supplement. Both are fine choices for urinary care for dogs.

Balance is absolutely key when dealing with stones and crystals in a pet’s urine. For example, an excess of calcium can lead to calcium oxalate stones. But so can insufficient calcium intake. Or, excess magnesium and phosphate can lead to a high concentration of struvite crystals in the bladder. That's why the answer to which dog food is best for crystals in urine depends on the kinds of crystals your pet has. 

The good news is that you can manage these issues with diet. There are special prescription diet urinary care dog food brands that will help your furry friend treat some types of bladder stones and crystals. However, it’s best to add new dietary inclusions, even urinary tract health and function supplements, under the supervision of your vet.