Dog Potty & Diaper Care

Dog Potty & Diaper Care

Let Good Dog People™ help you put your pet first and discover our impressive collection of high quality, eco-friendly potty care and dog diaper supplies. We’re dedicated to empowering pet parents and making their lives easier so we only stock brands we love and trust — if it’s not up to our standards, you won’t find it in our store. 


Oftentimes, a dog may need a diaper for the following reasons:

-Toilet training
-An alternative to a cone after male dog desexing
-Over excitement
-Older age

Our dog potty and diaper care collection features many products that cater to even the youngest dogs. We stock a variety of brands like Altimate Pet, who have created puppy diapers that are tailor-made to support and protect extra small dogs that weigh as little as three kilograms. Before you buy, check our handy sizing guide for a perfect, snug fit. 

Disposable — Our range of disposable dog diapers are comfortable, secure and convenient. Super absorbent and easy to use, just throw it in the bin after you’re done. Offering total protection, these diapers feature resealable tabs that won’t stick to your pet’s fur.

Reusable — We stock various brands of reusable dog diapers that come in plenty of designs and patterns options to complement your pooch’s personality. These puppy diapers have been created with premium quality medical grade fabrics for unmatched absorbency. Featuring an external shell made from light chew and scratch resistant, breathable fabric with long lasting, anti-fade colour, they have soft and secure elastics, easy fit velcro and a unique tail slit for maximum comfort. 

Pee trays — Perfect for potty training, our pee trays have a smooth surface and anti slip and spill design. Fitted with a standing cone to help your pooch aim, they’re simple to to use and easy to clean.

Pee pads — Our pads feature Leak Proof Multilayer technology and enhanced absorbency to help withstand overflow. Thanks to a fast drying top layer, there’s no need to worry about your pup tracking messy footprints through your house and many of our puppy pads are even infused with a fresh scent for an ultimate odour control solution.

Poo bags — We sell biodegradable and compostable dog poo bags so you can take care of their business when you’re out and about. Made from cornstarch, these bags aren’t just good for the environment, you can trust they are durable and leak-proof to ensure a quick, no-fuss clean up. 

Deals you need to get your paws on

We are committed to selling the best pet products at the most affordable price point possible and you can trust that at Good Dog People™, it’s always dogs, people and the planet first. We offer saver bundles across our range of dog diapers and potty products so you can spend and save. In fact, if you spend $99, you’ll receive a free gift with your purchase! 

Explore our collection, stock up and enjoy our generous discounts for yourself.