Kong Toys

Kong is all about providing dogs with quality toys that not only make playtime fun but enhance their lives. Kong dog products are durable, functional and fun toys that keep your dog physically and mentally stimulated while also satisfying their need to chew and play. Kong toys are multi-functional dog toys made to help with certain behavioural or physical situations - such as, chewing, separation anxiety and weight management.

With a wide range of products, kong makes sure to cater your dog’s wellbeing and play needs. Made with stronger rubber, kong chew toys are designed to be more durable than the normal kong toy - catering to the needs of chewers. Their interactive toy product line consists of toys that was designed to keep your dog physically and mentally engaged - making it great for more senior dogs. Kong products like their balls and fetch toys are simple toys that make playtime even more enjoyable. Doubling up a cuddle toy, kong plush toys are ideal for playtime before your dog’s down-time. Kong accessories like their soft e-collars bring comfort to the dogs that need extra care.

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Kong is a universal name when it comes to dog toys. The classic KONG toy came about in the '70s after the inventor, Joe Markham, found that his dog Fritz particularly enjoyed chewing on a rubber vehicle suspension device. When he came up with the KONG we know so well today, his friend commented that it looked like 'King Kong's earplug.'

It is no wonder that Kong chewing toys and dog treats are so popular. They are practically indestructible and are guaranteed to give your dog hours and hours of fun. If your dog is restless or nervous, they will love a KONG toy.

KONG Dog Toys

KONG dogs still come in the classic shape, which looks like three balls squashed together. It is hollow in the middle so that you can put treats in there, which dogs will love. Nothing is more rewarding to your dog than having to work for their treats.

These toys are made of tough, non-toxic rubber. It ensures that no matter how hard and long your dog chews on it, it always wins.

There is also a smaller KONG puppy toy. These little puppy chewers are the ultimate toys for puppies as they help they relieve their teething pain by chomping on them. They are also bouncy, which makes for great throw-and-fetch games.

For dental hygiene, KONG also has a patented dental chewing stick. It has ridges on it which help clean and freshen up your loving doggy’s mouth. Just like the classic toy, the KONG dental stick means endless fun for every dog.


Kong dog toys are almost indestructible. They are made of hard but chewable rubber, and you can expect them to last for many years before you have to replace them. Even more important, your furry friends will never tire of them.

Absolutely! KONG toys are made of non-toxic rubber and are a healthy and fun way to satisfy your dog's need to chew. You can get them in various sizes to ensure that your dog doesn't run a choking risk.

Almost anything. Vets recommend you use dry dog treats such as bones. Make sure they are not too small and not too big, to ensure that your dog can get at them. Some people also put in peanut butter, but the sugar and oil may not be very healthy in the long run.

KONG toys satisfy the innate instinct of dogs to chew on things. Hard rubber is especially suitable for this because it is springy and chewable, yet durable. By adding a treat inside a KONG toy, you can be sure that your dog will love it every time.

Good Dog People whole-heartedly recommend KONG dog toys. Thanks to their proven design and durability, you can always count on KONG to keep puppies and mature doggies alike happy and content. Order KONG chewable toys at GDP online and have your order delivered locally in Singapore, as well as globally to every country of the world.




Balls and Fetch Toys

Engaging and durable toys designed to extend your dog’s play-time

Chew Toys

Made with stronger rubber to satisfy chewers of all life stages

Floating Toys

These floatable toys are perfect for a day out at the beach

Interactive Toys

These puzzle toys ensure that your dog’s healthy mind is kept engaged

Plush Toys

These plush toys are great as both a play and cuddle toy

Rope and Tug Toys

Designed to include different textures to satisfy dogs’ natural chewing need

Grooming Accessories

Comfortable brushes that promote a healthy coat and make bath time fun and more enjoyable


Comfort and ease in the form of a soft collar - for the dogs that need extra care