Small Breeds

Small Breed Dog Food & Supplies

Small breed dogs are downright adorable! They’re small, but have lots of love and energy to give and make awesome companions. Plus, most small breed dogs are HDB-approved, and are suitable for most families to own.

But are there any special considerations that you need to make for our tiny canine friends? 

Preparing your home and doggy tool kit does indeed take some thought as our tiny little dogs have slightly different needs from their bigger counterparts. Because of their small size, they need equipment made specifically for small breed dogs, often require more grooming and some house-proofing. 

You can find out more about how to care for small breed dogs here!


Just because they’re small, doesn’t necessarily mean they have less appetite - but it does mean they may require a slightly different diet than larger dogs. That’s because they may not actually require as much calories.

Hence, small dog food tends to be protein-rich but has less calories, like Orijen’s Small Breed dog food. These specially formulated diets can be a lifesaver for us dog owners!

Since small dogs also have small stomachs, they can get full easily! Hence, feeding them once per day may not be sufficient as they may not consume the necessary amount of calories they require if they get full.

Plus, small breed dogs can be prone to hypoglycemia which occurs when they can’t store enough sugars in their body. Having one meal a day may not provide them with enough sugars to last the whole day.

It’s therefore recommended to feed your pup three to four small days a day! Do keep in mind that more daily meals will also mean more trips to the bathroom.

Good Dog People is dedicated to scouring the market for the very best small dog food and small dog supplies a tiny pup like yours can enjoy! Here’s a list of featured small-breed suitable dog food and equipment for your convenience.

Stella & Chewy’s Freeze Dried Raw Coated Kibble for Small Breeds is a perfect option for small dog lovers, especially if your pup is on the picky side. Make sure to also pack your small dog supplies with treats like Wellness Petite’s Soft Mini Bites that are perfectly sized for tiny dogs.