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Nutrition — Explore our range of vet approved pet food, with products that have been chosen specifically for their reputed healing and nourishing qualities. From freeze-dried and dehydrated stews, dental chews, baked treats and bone broths, we only provide dog food made from ingredients that keep your dog happy and healthy. Many of our pet food products are 100% organic and have been manufactured to retain maximum nutrition and flavour, including biotin for the skin and coat and Vitamins A and E to support healthy eyes. 

Health — Whether you’re concerned about your dog’s skin, coat, hips, joints, digestion or even if they’re dealing with anxiety issues, we’ve got you covered. With our online pet store you’ll discover completely natural supplements, oils, sprays and powders that will take care of your furry friend from the inside out. We carry only vet-approved supplements so whether you are targeting specific health conditions or looking for general upkeep of your dog’s health, we have something for you!

Hygiene — We’ve got high quality, organic solutions to keep your pooch looking and feeling their best. At our pet shop, we have products that will take care of your dog’s ears, eyes and paws as well as targeting dental care and keeping pesky fleas and ticks at bay.

Style & Living — When it comes to playing, feeding, walking or training time, we have the best gadgets and accessories to make both of your lives easier. Keep your pup stylish with a brand new collar or leash or give them a good night’s sleep with fresh bedding and blankets. 

Special Needs — Shop our pet products for those moments when your pooch might need a little extra care. Our collection caters to even the most particular dog requirements with products for specific health conditions, supplements for older dogs, first aid equipment and everything a brand new puppy could possibly need. 

We’re an online pet store that is dedicated to making a difference. We contribute royalties and donations to Singapore’s special needs community and other social enterprises through The Animal Project, Sijun & Friends and more!

We also use environmentally sustainable packaging, materials and practices and give out rebates for recycling empty bottles. It is also in the works to roll out more green initiatives for the benefit of our staff as well as the customers we serve. At Good Dog People™, we value local businesses and so we make a conscious choice to support and grow together with them.

Simply browse our extensive collection, add your items to your cart and then check out safely and securely. Not only do we offer free shipping on orders over $39, but you can spend and save with our incredible Purchase with Purchase deals. 

We want to say thank you for shopping with us, so with every order above $39, we will give you access to an exclusive range of pet products at incredible PWP prices (limited to 1 quantity per product). Don’t miss out on these huge discounts and shop our range today!

Have you been struggling to find a reliable online pet store in Singapore? One that caters to the needs of your furry friends with as much love as you do? From experience, it can be hard to entrust the welfare of your fur babies to 'outsiders.' That is why the team at Good Dog People works hard to enrich the lives of dogs, cats, pets and their owners by providing socially and environmentally friendly pet supplies. This ownership of responsibility is what makes GDP the best dog & pet food store in Singapore. 

The pet food industry is mostly unregulated, and there are a lot of dubious marketing gimmicks in the market about various products. Some methods of preparing pet food are also highly unethical, while some ingredients are downright shady. At Good Dog People, our job starts with ensuring that every dog food sold is up to the highest standards. We do the hard work for you, scrutinizing every brand to ensure that every ingredient is safe for our loving dogs and pets, and ensuring it’s sustainable to the environment too.  

Good Dog People provides one of the cheapest and most convenient online dog food delivery in Singapore. Here, you will find the world’s acclaimed dog food brands, as well as a host of other dog supplies for delivery. If your dog is sickly, allergic, old, or is simply just a puppy, a healthy diet and good pet care can help your fur friend to stay healthy and happy. Despite being an online pet store based in Singapore, Good Dog People ships internationally worldwide. Pet parents worldwide trust Good Dog People to provide the most affordable and best dog food. Buy GDP quality here today.