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Are you looking for a lifelong companion? Or maybe even a new family member? Why not consider pet dog adoption! Pets are the most lovable additions to your home, and there are too many reasons why you should get one of your own! Let’s take a look at 5 benefits of pet ownership to understand more about the power of pets:

#1 Don't worry, be happy!

The Power of Pets: 5 Health Benefits of Having A Pet

It’s hard to stay sad when a lovable pet companion is waiting for us to bring them on a walk or to give them some of The Barkery’s delicious treats. In fact, dog owners are less likely to suffer from depression as compared to people who don’t own pets!

There are also therapy dogs that help with depression in humans or dogs that help with anxiety. After all, having to be responsible for a pet can help to provide routine and structure in your life, allowing people to get out of a depressive episode.

Dog owners are also more likely to have a lower stress level throughout the day, especially when interacting with a pet. In fact, people who bring their dog to work tend to have much greater productivity and are more satisfied with their job.

#2 Keep allergies at bay

The Power of Pets: 5 Health Benefits of Having A Pet

While some people can have an allergy to pet fur, growing up with pets can actually make children less likely to develop allergies as they grow older.

One study found that these benefits can start even before birth - children born in households where their pregnant mothers who lived with family dogs, can enjoy the same allergy risk reduction, as well as a reduction in their risk for asthma, obesity and even eczema.

#3 A puppy a day keeps the doctors away

The Power of Pets: 5 Health Benefits of Having A Pet

Aside from preventing allergies in children, owning good family pets is also great for general health. After all, dogs are super active, needing to be walked using one ofFreedom’s sturdy harnesses and leashes and played with regularly. Dog owners can even get up to 30 minutes of exercise per day - that means you’re much less likely to get any cardiovascular diseases.

Plus, our pups, just like us, are covered in germs. This might sound unhygienic, but in reality, the germs on their bodies actually help boost the biodiversity of your home, boosting your immune system! As a result, pet owners tend to get ill a little less frequently, and when they do their illnesses often tend to be less severe.

Of course, make sure to boost your furry friend’s immune system with a healthy dose of Dr. Mercola’s great supplements for immune balance and system function as well!

#4 Find yourself a companion

The Power of Pets: 5 Health Benefits of Having A Pet

In today’s day and age, it’s easy to feel isolated especially if your friends and family are busy. Pets make great companions that will always be there for you, helping you avoid feeling lonely while improving your mental health. They don’t even need a reward to hang out with you! (Although it would be nice to treat your pup to somemouth-watering dog treats by Zeal!)

In fact, another benefit of having a pet is that it’s a great way to make other friends. First of all, having a dog or cat can be a great conversation starter! Plus, going out for walks at a dog park like Bishan Dog Run Park and the K9 park at NEX or to a training class are also great ways to meet new people and forge new friendships!

#5 Improve yourself

The Power of Pets: 5 Health Benefits of Having A Pet

Having a pet often means taking on new duties, helping to build your sense of responsibility and accountability. Furthermore, having a pet friend can enable you to discover more about your personality and help you have more compassion and empathy for others. 

For households with children, owning a pet can also help promote better well-being for kids, as owning a dog can help children learn to better regulate their emotions and love their furry friend. Why not get one ofPetty Man’s adorable puppy strollers so your kids can help push their furry friend around town? 

The Power of Pets: 5 Health Benefits of Having A Pet

Owning a pet can be a whole lot of fun - they’re fun, lovable and always there when you need them. But owning a pet also means they rely on you for a lot of love and care. Regardless, adopting a pup is a major commitment that requires a lot of thought and dedication on your part as you’d likely have to change your lifestyle to make sure you give your pet the care they deserve. 

One major component when you’re looking for a pet dog is expense - so make sure to take a look at how you can prepare your finances for a new pet before you decide on bringing one home!

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    Tammi writes articles about anything from data analytics to animal health, and loves doing the occasional craft. But most importantly, she loves hanging out and doing photo-shoots with her dog. 

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