Freedom Dog Harnesses

Enjoy the walk as much as your furry friend with Freedom harnesses. Recommended by dog trainers, it has a patented control loop that gently tightens around the chest to correct lunging and pulling behaviours. The Freedom no-pull dog harness prevents arm and shoulder strain that can occur when your pet lunges for an unknown treat, cat or another pet owner. It’s important to keep your pet comfortable on long walks, and you’re in safe hands with Freedom.

Maintain Control and Enjoy the Walk!

When you have better control of your dog, you can keep one hand free to reach for treats or praise your dog when they admit good behaviour. The Freedom no-pull dog harness has durable stainless steel hardware for long-lasting use, and its four adjustment points can hold back big dogs up to 113 kilograms. However, the Freedom dog harness is gentle enough to train dogs as small as 6.3 kilograms.

Comfortable Chest Strap

The comfort-first design of the chest strap, lined with Swiss velvet, prevents chafing sores, and the turned-out straps protect your dog's skin from rubbing along the seams. The structural ring on the front of the Freedom harness provides the control that's especially useful for very young or large dogs. The flexible design means that you can connect to the front and back of the harness when you need more control.

So Many Colours

Choose from a sea of colours and patterns so your dog can rock the block. You can even purchase multiple harnesses to match your mood or wardrobe, these harnesses are also stylish!


Click on the colour or style of Freedom dog harness that appeals to you. Choose the Fit Guide to match the XS to XL harness sizes to your dog's chest size and weight. The fit guide also has examples of breeds that typically use each size.

The Freedom no-pull harness allows for a safe, controlled experience when you walk your dog in the neighbourhood or at the dog park. The connection on the back of the harness compresses around the chest to prevent pulling. The front connection redirects your dog's attention during distractions, allowing you to train them with praise or treats.

Most trainers say it's okay to leave your puppy in a Freedom no-pull harness all the time, as long as you remove it occasionally to let it air out. You can also remove harnesses and leashes when at home, so your dog is less likely to get caught in something while playing and running around the house.

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