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To wear, or not to wear? Frankly, there can be two ways to look at this – Does your pup look comfortable? Or perhaps, feel uneasy in their clothes?

Some owners may want their pups to wear clothes for several reasons, be it as a fashion statement to look adorable for some insta-worthy shots, or for certain medical purposes where clothes can come in handy such as: preventing your pup from licking or biting their post-surgery incisions which can lead to infections. Regardless, the key factor when dressing up your pup is to ensure that they’re content and comfortable in their little outfit!

To help your pup feel happy and comfortable in their clothes – here are 4 tips on what you should look out for when you’re dressing up your pup!

#1 Taking the Right Measurements

Should We Put Dogs in Clothes?

Before picking out a cute outfit for your fur baby, we should always take accurate measurements for our pups! For a start, measure your pup’s neck and chest girth followed by their body length from the base of their neck to the start of their tail. Then, refer to the sizing guidelines provided by the brand and pick the size that’s closest to their body measurements.

This is the first step in helping your pup feel comfortable especially since they’re walking, running, or jumping around while wearing the apparel. If the wrong size is chosen, this may hinder their movement, which can also be dangerous for visually impaired dogs, or dogs with physical disabilities.

Getting the average of a couple of measurements will be good as our pups tend to move around when we're measuring them, leaving room for error. Additionally, the thickness of our pup's fur coat can also affect the measurements. As a safe guide, do it thrice for better accuracy! 

#2 Picking Out Your Pup's Outfit

Should We Put Dogs in Clothes?

Once you have your pup’s measurements ready, now it’s time for you to pick out an adorable outfit for your furry pal! Here are some pointers to help you out:

  • Thickness– With the hot and humid weather here on our sunny island, it’s really important that we put our pups in a lightweight, breathable material like Ohpopdog’s line of summertime-friendly apparel!
  • Fabric– Pups with particularly sensitive skin may feel irritation from certain types of fabric, such as those with vinyl printing. If you find your pup constantly scratching, biting, or pulling excessively at their clothes, take it off immediately as your pup may be allergic to the fabric used.

    #3 Getting Your Pup Used to Wearing Clothes

    Should We Put Dogs in Clothes?

    With your outfit ready, introduce the piece of clothing to your pup by allowing them to have a sniff at it before putting it on. When your pup shows an interest in the outfit, praise your furry pal and reward them with a treat! Then, gently put the clothes on your pup while constantly praising them and offering them their favourite treats like the mouth-watering Beef Bones Biscuits from The Barkery. These treats and praises help your pup associate the action of getting dressed to positive reinforcements!

    Do not attempt to put the clothes on them too quickly because your pup may feel threatened as if you’re trapping them. This could likely hinder their trust in wearing any sort of apparel in the future. That being said, if your pup appears to be nervous or stressed out when you’re putting their clothes on, stop, let your pup calm down and try again later. This is to prevent your pup from developing bad associations with getting dressed.

      #4 Don't Force It

      Should We Put Dogs in Clothes?

      If your pup still doesn’t look comfortable after multiple tries of dressing them up, chances are, your pup just doesn’t like having clothes on. But that’s alright, because you can still try dressing them up with other alternatives, such as Fuzzyard’s fancy bowties or Insect Shield’s adorable yet effective bandanas designed to guard against fleas and ticks!

      Should We Put Dogs in Clothes?

      It would take some patience for your pup to accept wearing clothes on a frequent basis. However, when they finally allow you to do so, it will be a natural routine for them. At the end of the day, we all want the best for our pups, and their happiness and comfort are the most important regardless of apparel.

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        Growing up with pets her whole childhood, Rui Ling is undoubtedly a passionate animal lover. Currently, she's living her best life as a mama to her doggos and chinchillas. 

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