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Is your pup’s special day just around the corner? Want to shower them with love and gifts on their birthday? Why not throw them a sweet birthday party that they’ll never forget! Let’s take a look at some dog birthday ideas!

#1 Set a Date

How To Throw Your Pup An Awesome Birthday Party

Finding the right day to celebrate your pup’s birthday might be tricky if you don’t know their exact birthday. But fret not! Your pup is sure to enjoy themselves no matter which day you choose. All you have to do is pick a nice day with great weather, when you and your pup’s friends are available for a dog birthday bash.

#2 Find a Venue

How To Throw Your Pup An Awesome Birthday Party

Finding a canine-friendly venue for your pup is essential. You could even theme your pup’s party around the venue with cute dog birthday decorations. After all, doesn’t a pool party with your pups sound great? If so, treat your pup to the ultimate VIP experience at The Wagington, a hotel and resorts venue located at Loewen Road, fit for pups of all ages!

If you’re looking for a casual brunch place, Happenstance Cafe at Opal Crescent is great for its ambience and delicious doggy meals. Serve up Puppy Cake’s refreshing Lactose-Free Ice Cream Mix for dessert and simply have a good time with your pup!

    #3 Prepare Tasty Treats

    How To Throw Your Pup An Awesome Birthday Party

    There’s nothing better than a delicious treat to mark a special day, so gift your pup tasty treats on their birthday. If your dog loves flavourful meaty treats, Zeal’s natural air dried dog treats are sure to make great dog birthday treats!

    No birthday party is complete without a dog birthday cake. Thinking about where to get a dog cake? How about one handmade with love? Puppy Cake’s easy Microwaveable Dog Cake Mix is delicious and easy to whip up on your pup’s special day. All it takes is an egg, some water, vegetable oil, and a whole lot of love!

      #4 Send Invites

      How To Throw Your Pup An Awesome Birthday Party

      Have any friends and family who love your pup just as much as you do? Send them an invite to celebrate your dog’s birthday with you! The more the merrier - especially on your dog’s special day.

      (Do remember to stay safe and adhere to safety regulations during the current COVID-19 situation while you’re planning your pup’s special day.)

      If your pup has any furry friends that are comfortable hanging with each other in close quarters, invite them over too! But you may want to check if they’re comfortable with dogs they’ve never met before. 

      You may also want to prepare some dog party bags with dog party hats, dog napkins and some of KONG’s HandiPod’s for door gifts - just to make sure your guests don’t leave a mess!

      #5 Shower Them With Gifts

      How To Throw Your Pup An Awesome Birthday Party

      Last of all, what’s a good birthday fiesta without some dog birthday gifts? 

      One of the best things to get your dog for their birthday is a brand new pet bed like FuzzYard’s The Lounge Dog Bed. Comfortable, plush and elegant, the Lounge Bed is perfect for pampering your pup with! Plus, the added support in The Lounge Bed is sure to make sleep time a dream for your pup. 

      Another great doggy gift is some of Furball Collective’s Squeakie Dog Toys! Made with soft plush and cotton filling, Furball Collective’s hawker food-themed pet toys are not just adorable, they also include a squeaker that your pup will go crazy for! 

      How To Throw Your Pup An Awesome Birthday Party

      In the end, whether you're planning to organize for a birthday party by the pool, or an intimate one at home, your pup is sure to feel extra blessed and loved! Plus, who can deny the joy of brand-new toys and delicious food on any day?

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