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One of the most popular questions in the dog care realm, pup owners have long wondered - is raw meat good for dogs?

The benefits of feeding raw dog food diet emphasizes on bringing our dog’s diet back to basics - with uncooked meats, whole or crushed bones as well as other food sources like vegetables, fruits, raw eggs and dairy.

Raw dog food also comes in many forms - from freeze-dried dog food to frozen dog food and even homemade raw diets, great for catering to different dog breeds and lifestyles. In fact, the popularity of the raw dog food diet is rising because of the multiple health benefits of feeding raw.

Let’s take a look at these top 5 perks of a raw dog food diet! 

#1 Better Coat Condition

5 Perks of A Raw Diet For Dogs

With a higher fat and protein content, raw diets help pups maintain a healthier-looking and shinier coat. After all, a lot of the protein your dog consumes goes to developing other parts of their body.

Pick from Stella & Chewy’s range of delicious freeze-dried dinner morsels that are grain-free and chock full of protein. If your pup is finding it hard to transition to food with drastically different textures, give Stella & Chewy’s Freeze-Dried Raw Coated Kibbles a try.

#2 Healthier Physique

5 Perks of A Raw Diet For Dogs

With excess protein and fat, not only will your dog develop a shiny and healthy coat, they will also gain more muscle. Plus, since raw diets often don’t contain much carbohydrates, this helps your pup maintain a healthy weight more easily!

If you’re afraid that your pup may lack certain vitamins and minerals after their transition to a fully raw diet, consider adding some healthy supplements into their meals to complement their raw diet! Look into Kin+Kind’s range of raw superfood dog supplements with various targeted needs that can help boost anything from your dog’s hip and joints to their skin and coat health.

If you’re starting to transition your pup to a raw diet, or if you just want your pup to have the best of both worlds, try Stella & Chewy’s Meal Mixers. They provide the nutrition of a raw diet while giving you more flexibility to control your pup’s diet.

    #3 Better Dental Hygiene

    5 Perks of A Raw Diet For Dogs

    Did you know that feeding your pup a raw diet helps them to maintain better dental hygiene? 

    In fact, a raw meat diet for dogs contains enzymes that helps to reduce bacteria growth in your dog’s mouth, prevent plaque build up, gingivitis, periodontal disease and other dental issues.

    Giving your pup treats like some of Freeze Dry Australia’s Freeze-Dried Dog Treats can help boost your pup’s dental health as the soft, meaty texture can replicate the dental benefits of a raw diet.

      #4 Higher Energy Levels

      5 Perks of A Raw Diet For Dogs

      Raw meat dog food typically contains less fillers like grain or other carbohydrates that provide little nutritional benefit for your dog. These fillers have to be processed by your pup and take up a lot of energy.

      Raw dog diets skip that process and provide only the nutrients your dog needs and are able to be broken down easily. This helps them reserve more energy for fun walks or hikes!

      Let your pup try out Pet Cubes' Raw Frozen Dog Food - a fuss-free, all-natural option that offers your pup with the best and highest quality nutrients needed from a raw diet! Not to mention, it’s also a yummy alternative for dogs suffering from allergy issues.

      For just a boost of energy during playtime, give your dog a little love through Stella & Chewy’s Wild Weenies, freeze-dried single-protein dog treats that are also good options for training treats.

      #5 Better Digestion

      5 Perks of A Raw Diet For Dogs

      If you notice that your dog tends to have digestive problems every now and then for a period of time, along with all those visits to the vet’s trying to find the root cause of these issues - then transitioning your pup to a raw diet may be your answer in resolving this!

      You may have heard of the term, B.A.R.F - which stands for Biologically Appropriate Raw Food. Feeding your pup with a B.A.R.F diet like Proudi’s Frozen Dog Food diet can significantly improve your pup’s digestive health, since raw diets are typically easier to digest and absorb - while retaining all the necessary nutrients your pup needs to thrive!

      For particularly picky pups, add Bone Broth Dr.’s Premium Frozen Bone Broth as a delicious and versatile topping to your pup’s raw diet - while at the same time improving your pup’s overall health through good digestion and strong gut health! If you’re looking to further boost your pup’s digestive health, you can treat them to some of Grandma Lucy’s delicious Freeze Dried raw treats too! 

      5 Perks of A Raw Diet For Dogs

      Raw feeding comes with a lot of benefits, and even supplementing your pup’s dry food diet with some raw treats can go a long way. Nevertheless, it’s important to understand the right way to get your dog on a raw diet, as well as the potential risks of raw diets like an unbalanced diet or receiving excess Vitamin A from consuming too much liver.

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