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This week, we're excited to share with you our latest launch of air dried wholesomeness – Zeal Canada’s Air Dried Dog Food. Produced fresh from Canada, Zeal Canada focuses on bringing dogs all over the globe, the nutrition of raw in the simple form of air dried.

If you’re looking to have your pup try out Zeal Canada’s Air Dried Dog Food, you’ll be thrilled to know that it’s available at 30% off (from only $55.80) exclusively for a limited time on!

Zeal Canada Air Dried Dog Food

GDP Reviews: Zeal Canada Air Dried Dog Food

Every air dried recipe is packed with 96% protein-rich meats and organs to simulate a whole prey diet, and strengthened with 4% naturally occurring vitamins and minerals  Kelp, Parsley, Sunflower Lecithin, and Bamboo Fibre. You can be sure that every ingredient is carefully selected to provide your pup with optimal nutrition and the ultimate health boost from nose to tail!

Let your pup have a taste of the ocean with Zeal Canada’s Air Dried Salmon recipe that’s infused with powerful Omega 3 oils and fatty acids to support their skin and coat health, or the Air Dried Turkey recipe  an excellent alternative for pups who may have sensitivities to Chicken meat.

Why Choose Zeal Canada Air Dried Dog Food?

Not sure if Zeal Canada's Air Dried Dog Food is worth switching your dog's diet? Have a look at these 5 benefits to help you decide!

1. Natural and Artisanal Drying Process

GDP Reviews: Zeal Canada Air Dried Dog Food

What’s so unique about the preparation of Zeal Canada’s Air Dried Dog Food has got to be its natural and artisanal air drying process!

Gently air dried at low temperatures in small batches for 8 hours, this special preparation method evaporates moisture and bacteria in your pup’s food while locking in all nutrients, enzymes, amino acids, vitamins, and not forgetting rich flavour with every bite  ideal for satisfying picky eaters!

2. High Nutritional Density

GDP Reviews: Zeal Canada Air Dried Dog Food

Made with premium meats along with the addition of 100% naturally sourced, wholesome ingredients, Zeal Canada ensures that every meal your pup has is not only complete and balanced, but also guarantees a healthy boost of nutrition with every bite.

DID YOU KNOW: Dogs weighing 2kg will only require half a daily scoop of Zeal’s Canada Salmon Air Dried Dog Food to keep their tummies satisfied throughout the day?

The highly concentrated nutrition in each bag of air dried food  a result from the air drying process, would mean that you’re actually serving lesser food to your pup but still gaining a nutritional intake that levels up with a freeze dried or frozen diet, thus making it a method of raw feeding that’s value for money!

3. Ultimate Convenience in Raw Feeding

GDP Reviews: Zeal Canada Air Dried Dog Food

Ever considered feeding your pup a raw diet but feel that the time and cost that goes into preparing raw meals everyday may be too much? You can now enjoy the hassle-free convenience of raw feeding in scoops - no refrigeration, no rehydrating required!

With an easy-to-feed serving scoop included in every bag, you can measure how much to feed your pup more accurately!

4. Versatility at Its Best

GDP Reviews: Zeal Canada Air Dried Dog Food

These delicious Zeal pieces can be used as training treats, added to kibble or wet food or eaten on its own as a complete and balanced meal. All you have to do is simply scoop, pour and serve with love!

5. Safety and Quality Assurance

GDP Reviews: Zeal Canada Air Dried Dog Food

Free from artificial additives, antibiotics and preservatives - Zeal Canada’s Air Dried Dog Food recipes are formulated by veterinary dieticians for a complete and balanced daily diet to help your pup to thrive. Along with its strictest quality control and dual checks prior to shipping out from Canada, you can rest assured that every bag of air dried raw dog food is clean, fresh and safe for consumption!

Where to Buy Zeal Canada Air Dried Dog Food?

GDP Reviews: Zeal Canada Air Dried Dog Food

Set your pup on the road to the pinnacle of nutrition today with a 1kg / 2.5kg bag of Zeal Canada’s Air Dried Dog Food range at 30% off from only $55.80 on today! 

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