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The weekends are near and you can’t wait to spend some quality time with your dog. No idea where to take them? Here are five dog-friendly activities that you can do with your dog. Don’t worry - there’s something for every dog and person!

Frolic in the sun

Patience In Dog Training Singapore

Host a dog gathering at dog-friendly Tanjong Beach with fellow dog owner friends. Throw a frisbee around and play fetch or for the more adventurous - pick up a paddle, strap your dog in aRuffwear Outdoor Float Coat and go paddleboarding together. Be sure to stay in the shallow ends of the water and monitor your dog at all times.

Dog runs

Patience In Dog Training Singapore

Not a beach dog (or person) but love the outdoors? Then dog runs are an outdoor paradise for your dogs. Unclasp that leash and let them run to their heart’s content with their chummy friends! Remember tospritz them with flea and tick repellent to avoid bringing home unwanted guests.

Popular Dog Runs:

  • BISHAN-ANG MO KIO PARK DOG RUN:Situated in central Singapore, this park is a favourite amongst dogs and their owners alike. It spans over 3km with bonus perks of free water sources around for fast clean ups and water refills.
  • WEST COAST PARK DOG RUN:This park comes with a self-service dog wash station that is stocked with shampoo and a blow dryer for easy clean up sessions. Poop bag dispensers are also dispersed throughout the park. What’s not to love?
  • TAMPINES CENTRAL PARK DOG RUN:Don’t judge a park by its size - this park houses a humble sized dog run that is worth a visit. Relish the weekend buzz and socialise your dog at the same time.


Patience In Dog Training Singapore

Dogs with mobility issues may find it difficult to partake in the activities listed above. However, that is not to say that they should be deprived of fun of any sort. Hydrotherapy is a safe water activity that eases the stress on our dog’s joints. It’s also a great way to get a little exercise in for those who are recovering from an injury or surgery. Places such asHydro Paw Plushave dedicated trainers to ensure that your dog is engaging the right movements and not over-exerting themselves. For additional support in the recovery process, consider addingjoint support supplements to their diet.  

Weekend getaway

Patience In Dog Training Singapore

Thinking of sneaking away for a short getaway and don’t mind roughing it out? Pack your bags (remember thetreats!) and pitch a tent at East Coast Park for a mini camping adventure with the pup. Experiencing nature together will create lasting memories and foster the bond between the both of you. Alternatively, you can always check in at a dog-friendly hotel for a lazy weekend -Gallop Kranji Farm Resort is perfect if you’re looking to escape from the city buzz.

Give back together

Patience In Dog Training Singapore

If your dog has a great social aptitude and enjoys passing on affection to everyone around him, you may want to give volunteering a shot. Places such asTherapy Dogs Singapore encourage dog owners who wish to share their dog’s unconditional love with the people who need it most, to volunteer and contribute to a meaningful cause together.


Kim is an avid dog lover, serial guac and chips eater, and thrill seeker - all in one body. Currently chillin’ with her dogs.

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April 18, 2019

Hey Geraldine! Wow! Mountain biking – that’s pretty cool! Perhaps you could try Mandai Track 15? Seems to be a popular spot with biking enthusiasts. The terrain is also generally suited for everyone from beginners to advanced bikers! :)

Geraldine Low
Geraldine Low

November 08, 2018

Where can I bring my dog mountain biking?

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