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Dental care is a healthcare routine that is often overlooked by many dog owners. While tooth decay is rare in dogs, major problems like gum diseases and brittle teeth are much more prevalent. Here are some dental care tips to keep those pearly whites in tip-top condition!

Brush regularly

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Good dental care starts with prevention. Establish a regular brushing routine to avoid potential dental health issues. If you’re both new to this, ease into it by starting with daily dental wipe downs. Then, gradually introduce the toothbrush every other day to allow them to get used to the act of brushing before working towards daily brushing. UseTropiclean’s finger brushfor quicker and more comfortable cleaning sessions with your dog!

Swish swoosh

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Supplement the oral care routine with doggy mouthwash in the form of water additives. Bad breath is usually a result of live bacterial buildup in your dog’s mouth, thus adding a specially formulated mouthwash helps eradicate the bacterial colony and support healthy teeth and gums. Do note that persistent bad breath could be a sign of progressive dental issues - take your buddy to the vet if you notice other accompanying symptoms such as loss of appetite.

    Healthier snacks

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    You know what they say, an apple a day keeps the doctor away. Switch out the treats from time to time for healthier options such as fruits and vegetable slices that don’t stick to your dog’s teeth. As your dog munches on these slices, food residual from previous meals will also be scrapped from his teeth, preventing plague and tartar buildup - think of it as a yummy brushing affair.  

    Chew chew chew

    Patience In Dog Training Singapore

    If your dog is not a fan of fruits and/or veggies, then you might want to throw in a couple ofZeal natural chews instead. Again, plaque and food debris is removed as your dog gnaws on the dental treats. Dental toys are also a fun way to upkeep oral hygiene outside of the daily brushing groove. These toys contain ridges that massage the gum while cleaning the teeth. Hide a dental chew in aKONG dental toy for simultaneous cleaning and playtime with the pup!

    Schedule regular checks

    Patience In Dog Training Singapore

    Schedule regular dental check ups with the vet - ideally every six to twelve months for proper maintenance and to stay ahead of any dental diseases at hand. In between vet visits, you may also want to perform simple checks every week or so. Seemingly innocuous symptoms such as bad breath or excessive drooling may actually be a manifestation of underlying dental conditions. Take your dog to the vet if you notice unusual growths within the mouth, loose teeth, or a swollen gum.


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