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When the heat of the unyielding sun becomes unbearable even for you, you should know that your dogs have it worse. Read on to find out how you can help them to cool off on warmer days!

Hydration is key

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It goes without saying that dogs increase their water intake during the hotter months. This means that they should have access to plenty of water all the time to keep them hydrated and refreshed. So be sure to check for empty drinking bowls and replace them with fresh water daily. Pack a bottle of water too, if you’re planning an outdoor activity with the pup.

To shave or not to shave?

Patience In Dog Training Singapore

It might be instinctive to shave off your dog’s coat in an attempt to cool them off. However, the coat functions as both a heat insulator when it’s cold, and heat regulator on warmer days. Their summer coat helps to maintain their body temperature and also protects against UV rays. Instead of shaving, brushing them regularly helps facilitate the gradual shedding of the undercoat that traps more heat.

Plan your walks

Patience In Dog Training Singapore

Keep the heat factor in mind when planning your dog walking schedule. If it’s too hot for you, it’s too hot for your dog. Cooler times of the day such as early mornings and evenings are generally more suited for walks. If you must walk your dog during the day, try to keep it short and keep to the shade as much as possible. It also helps to look for signs of dehydration - when lethargy and excessive drool kicks in, you know you’re looking at an overheated dog.

Frozen fun

Patience In Dog Training Singapore

Make your own frozen dog treats that are high in water content to keep your dogs cool from the inside out. Keep it 100% water or mix in some of Wholesome Paws bone broth for extra nutrition! If ice cubes are not their thing, chilled fruits will do the trick as well - dogs dig them as it cools their gums.

Have a splashing good time!

Patience In Dog Training Singapore

Skip the walk and go for a swim with the pup! It’s a great bonding opportunity that keeps the both of you happy and cool. Dogs don’t sweat like humans do, so being in the pool helps to fend off the heat wave by keeping their body temperature at a comfortable level.

Chill at home

Patience In Dog Training Singapore

Nothing beats staying in the comfort of your home where you’ll both be safe from the sweltering heat outside. Grab one of those frozen treats you made earlier and just chill with your pal!

Kim is an avid dog lover, serial guac and chips eater, and thrill seeker - all in one body. Currently chillin’ with her dogs.

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April 18, 2019

@Ying huh! That’s so innovative! Would love to see it for myself :)

@Enjoy Thanks for reading! :)


November 01, 2018

Good article. May consider to have a cool pack gel vest during walks too! Saw a pug wearing it recently!


November 01, 2018

Great tips! Thank you!

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