Zee.Dog Adjustable Patrol Dog Bowl

By Zee.Dog

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  • Adjustable raised dog feeder with a 3- level rotation system that extends up to 11.8 inches. Great for dogs of all ages and sizes. The Zee.Bowl allows proper standing posture for your dog by keeping their neck and back straight while eating. It also promotes healthy eating and aids in digestion.


    • It has a non-slip base and is easy to clean and fit
    • Removable top bowl which is also microwave safe
    • Slow-feeder
    • Ideal for dogs that eat too fast
    • Decreases choking and vomiting risks

      • Width Adjustable Up To Length
        7.6 inches 11.8 inches (Height) 5.6 inches (closed)

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        Steven (United States)

        Excellent functionality for feeding. Good height for my dog to eat and drink.