Zee.Dog Dog Leash & Collars

Zee.Dog was founded with one major purpose: to Connect Dogs and People. Today, Zee.Dog design and build products of expression, ones that help make your life and your dog's that much cooler. Forget the days of having to choose between the two least ugly designs available! Now, you’re able to relish the joy of being spoilt for choice with Zee.Dog’s extensive range of stylish products! 

Aesthetics aside, Zee.Dog also focuses on the functionality and comfort levels of their products. From a Zee.Dog bed to a Zee.Dog collar and everything in between, all of Zee.Dog’s products are made with premium materials and designed for durable prolonged use. You can get all of these good traits in a product without breaking the bank too - what’s not to love? 

Shop Zee.Dog’s wide range of products online at gooddogpeople.com, your one-stop shop for pet supplies in Singapore (international shipping available as well) with free delivery to your doorstep!




Zee.Dog harnesses will be your go-to harness for daily walks! They are lightweight, comfortable, and even have extra safety features such as a 4-point lock system built on the buckle. The no-pull harness range discourages pulling the gentle way, while the air mesh harness range allows for ventilation to keep your dog cool during walks.

Zee.Dog beds provide exceptional orthopaedic support for dogs with its ultra comfortable memory foam core. There’s an additional lifted border for extra cushioned head support so your dog can sleep on cloud nine. The removable bed cover is made from a hypoallergenic microfiber - perfect for dogs with environmental allergies.

All Zee.Dog harnesses are designed to be easy to wear so you don’t have to struggle, especially with an excited dog. They also come with adjustable straps for a secure fit and to accommodate growing pups. Connect your leash to the attached D-rings and you’ll be out the door sooner than you think!

Step-in Harness: Help your dog step into the leg holes on the harness and buckle up at the top.

Soft-Walk/ Air Mesh/ H-Harness: Slip it over your dog’s head and loop the belly strap before buckling in place.





Each range of Zee.Dog harness is designed to be comfortable and lightweight options for daily walks


These collars are great for walks that require greater control and come with extra safety features that keep your dog safe


Adjustable, easy-to-use leashes that are sturdy enough to withstand pressure from pulling for safer and more comfortable walks


Extremely comfortable beds made with a breathable and soft viscoelastic form core, comes with a removable hypoallergenic bed cover too


Stylish and functional apparels for your dog to look cool and stay comfortable all at the same time


Chew toys, interactive toy, plush toys - there’s definitely a toy for every dog. Designed for long-lasting fun playtimes

Feeding Bowls

Easy-to-clean feeding bowls, made from non-toxic materials, that also help to improve your dog’s eating posture

Clean Up & Potty

Eco-friendly, leak-proof poop bags and pee pads made for convenient cleanups and odour control