Big Dog Barf Raw Dog Food (Pork)

By Big Dog


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  • Big Dog RAW Food diets offer essential balanced nutrition, based on the natural instinct of your dog. RAW Food contains the finest Australian grown raw ingredients sourced from leading human consumption facilities. Where possible we try to source from organic resources or local farms. Big Dog RAW Food diets have a nutrient-packed profile that is: unaltered by temperature, free from fillers, chemicals or preservatives already supporting your pet's health after their first meal.


    • Made with pork meat
    • Highly digestible, natural and suitable for allergic pets
    • Made with a blend of vegetables & fruit
    • Suitable for all life stages

    • Breed Size: All Breeds
    • Life Stage: All Stages
    • Special Diet: By-Product Free, Grain-Free, Gluten-Free
    • Protein: Pork, Chicken, Beef, Salmon
    • Size:1,4,8 Cases each case contains (12 packs x 250g)

        • Pork (meat, crushed bone & cartilage), chicken (meat, crushed bone & cartilage), beef (kidney, liver), seasonal fruits & vegetables (green bananas, carrots, green beans, celery, broccoli, zucchini, orange, apple, strawberries, blueberries), Tasmanian salmon, whole chicken egg, sprouted wheatgrass, cold pressed ground flaxseed, goats whey, psyllium, kelp, organic fulvic acid

        • Crude Protein - 12%
          Crude Fat - 12%
          Omega-3 (g/100g) - 0.45g
          Omega 6:3 ratio - 3:1
          Fibre - < 1%
          Calcium - 0.7%
          Phosphorus - 0.5%
          Calcium : Phosphorus ratio - 1:0.7
          Moisture - 72%
          Ash - 3%

          Metabolisable Energy
          kJ/100g - 610kJ
          kJ/serve (250g) = 1525kJ

        • SERVING SIZE

          Puppies & Agility dog: 3% to 4% of the dog's weight

          Normal & Senior dog: 2% of the dog's weight


          Keep frozen

          Be sure to keep raw food portions frozen until ready for thawing.

          Defrost properly

          Place required portions of frozen raw food in the fridge and allow time for defrosting. If required sooner, place in hot water to thaw but not cook.

          Storage and safety

          Keep thawed patties in the fridge for no longer than 48 hours and do not cook as our recipes contain bone.

          Wash well

          Thoroughly wash all utensils, work for areas and hands with warm soapy water after contacting raw food.

        • Customer Reviews

          Based on 8 reviews
          Andrea (Singapore)
          pawrent approved!

          Can’t comment on the taste, since I’m lucky my pup’s a dustbin. But i love that the ingredients are clean and simple, with 80% from meat. Pup’s stool is also healthy and not stinky so that’s a plus. One of the most affordable pre-made options for the quality!

          Betty Chia (Singapore)
          Big Dog Raw Food Range

          My dog has been on Big Dog since puppy and is still excited every time I serve this to her for her meals.
          Highly recommended...! Easy and convenient, good variety of flavours and judging from how my dog gobbles up her meals, it should be pretty tasty~!

          Betty Chia (Singapore)
          Good Quality!

          My dog has been taking BIG DOG since she was a puppy and always looking forward every meal!
          Guess the taste must be really good, and she has grown to have nice silky smooth fur too with this diet!
          Highly recommended!

          Jlg (Singapore)
          My Puppy Loves It!

          My puppy tried pork and turkey and loves it. But realised that pork does not have all the probiotics ingredients that turkey and lamb have as listed on this website. Not sure if it's missing info here or it's really not in the food.

          Bernice Wee (Singapore)

          My dog is a senior dog and have been looking at other raw foods but are not suitable for him until i found this brand. Great poo and he loves it!

          Maisy (Singapore)
          Excellent raw food

          My dog is allergic to pumpkin which many other raw food contains, so this is one that doesn’t contain pumpkin. She loves it!

          Esoo (Singapore)
          good! dog loves it!

          my dog loves it! good poop too!

          Junior (Singapore)
          Convenient raw food

          My dog loves it. It’s convenient for small dog.