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Northwest Naturals Dog Food

Northwest naturals is committed to providing your dog with food that boosts overall health and helps support a healthy immune system. Northwest naturals pet food recipes are designed to be natural pet food that is highly nutritious and easy-to-feed - ensuring that not only your pet’s needs but your needs as a pet parent are met. 

Packed in resealable bags and designed to be easy-to-feed meals, Northwest naturals freeze dried raw dog food and frozen raw dog food products make raw diet for dogs easy. Their freeze dried dog food and frozen dog foodare packed with meat protein and nutrients to provide your dog with the optimal amount of raw natural nutrition that will help boost your dog’s overall health. Northwest naturals dog treats are single protein goodies that are grain-free and gluten-free - making them great for dogs with food sensitivities or allergies. Be it dry dog food or wet dog food, these raw dog food treats also double up as food toppers that can be added to your dog’s current diet - providing them with that additional health boost. 

Good Dog People is one of the online retailers who sells raw dog food. So if you are looking to buy frozen raw dog food online but you have no idea where to buy northwest naturals dog food or you worry about how northwest naturals price their food products - we got you covered. At, you will be able to find amazing deals on many northwest naturals dog food products.

Sustainable and healthy products with Northwest Naturals dog food 

We stock a wide range of flavours of Northwest Naturals dog food, from minnow to lamb to chicken liver to turkey, so whatever flavours your dog prefers you can find it in the Good Dog People’s Northwest Natural range. All of our Northwest Natural range is freeze-dried raw food so it has a long shelf life and doesn’t remove any of the nutrition. Northwest Naturals dog food can be fed raw, or rehydrated with drinking water depending on how your dog likes it. Save money on a Northwest dog food bundle, or try a pack today and give your dog the best quality dog food in Singapore.

Northwest Natural supports your dog’s immune system with natural recipes

Northwest Natural products are made to provide dogs with food that boosts their health and supports a healthy immune and digestive system. The Northwest Naturals freeze dried dog food is designed to be highly nutritious and high in meat content. Northwest Natural also offers the Northwest Naturals raw dog food treats; single protein goodies that are grain-free and gluten free, making them perfect for dogs with food sensitivities or allergies. Even if you use a different dog food, Northwest Naturals freeze dried rewards can be used as food toppers, to be added to your dog’s existing food diet to provide them with an additional health boost. 

Order Northwest Natural dog food online and collect in-store 

The Good Dog People has a wide range of Northwest Natural dog food available for either self collection or delivery across Singapore, so if you are looking to buy frozen raw dog food online we have you covered. Delivery is free for orders over $39 in value, and same day delivery can be arranged for a surcharge. Check out our daily deals to save money, and join our Good Dog Club for free to get exclusive access to even more amazing deals. Whatever you need, you can treat your dog to Northwest Natural raw dog food from the Good Dog People today.


Northwest dog food is one of the best dog foods available in Singapore. Their freeze dried process retains the maximum amount of nutrients and minerals that your dog needs to stay healthy and happy, and Northwest Naturals has a long history of high quality food production.

A natural dog food is any dog food that doesn’t contain any additives or processing aids that are chemically synthetic. Basically, a natural dog food must not have any ingredients that are man-made or artificial.

Yes! Northwest dog food is suitable for all breeds, at all stages of life. Naturally, you will want to vary the amount that you feed them depending on the age, breed and size of your dog, but there is no reason for them not to eat Northwest Natural dog food.




Freeze Dried Raw Dog Food

Easy-to-feed meals that are packed with meat protein and nutrients

Single Protein Dog Treats

Single protein goodies that are grain-free and gluten-free