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For all pet parents who are looking to transition your pet to air dried dog food, whether from another air dried dog food brand or from an entirely different diet, you might want to giveZIWI Peak a try! 

If you don’t wish to commit fully to ZIWI Peak just yet, in case your pup rejects his new food, then we’ve got the thing for you: theZIWI Peak Starter Pack. Priced affordably at $50 (you save $26.70!), this is the perfect starting point especially for those new to air dried diets and we’ll tell you why in a bit.

Taste Life in New Zealand™ with ZIWI Peak

GDP Reviews: ZIWI Peak Starter Pack

For those familiar withZIWI Peak, you’d know that this New Zealand brand commits to producing their food in small batches to ensure that the quality of their food is never compromised. They pride themselves on delivering peak nutrition made from 100% ethically sourced New Zealand free-range grass-fed meat that’s free from glycerine, fillers, or sweeteners. That’s a whole lot of healthful goodness in one bag for your pup to stay in the pink of health!

If you’re new to ZIWI Peak and wish to learn more about the brand, check out this ZIWI Peak brand reviewthat we did! 

What's in a ZIWI Peak Starter Pack

GDP Reviews: ZIWI Peak Starter Pack

For starters, you can expect yourZIWI Peak Starter Pack to come in a beautifully illustrated limited edition tote! The beauty of this starter pack is that it’s filled with all the ZIWI essentials that you need to get your pup started on an air dried diet! 

Here’s what you can expect to get from your ZIWI Peak Starter Pack:

  • 1 x ZIWI Peak Air Dried Dog Food, 454g
  • 1 x ZIWI Peak Oral Health Chew
  • 4 x ZIWI Peak Trial Packs

You can start with the 4 trial packs to slowly introduce your pup to his new food, before diving into the biggerZIWI Peak Air Driedbag. Since the trial packs are all different recipes from ZIWI Peak, you can find out which recipe is your pup’s favourite! Letting him try different protein bases also keeps mealtimes interesting!  

What’s available: Chicken, Lamb, Beef

ZIWI Peak Air Dried Dog Food

GDP Reviews: ZIWI Peak Starter Pack

When it comes toZIWI Peak’s Air Dried Dog Food, the benefits are countless! For one, as a nutrient-dense air dried dog food, one scoop of ZIWI Peak offers more calories than other diets which means you get to feed less for more! If you’re just getting started on ZIWI Peak and are unsure of how much you should be feeding, refer to thisfeeding calculator by ZIWI Peak.It serves as a good guide for how much you should be feeding based on your dog’s weight and lifestyle. This eases your dog’s transition into ZIWI Peak as you don’t have to worry if you’re feeding too much or too little!

GDP Reviews: ZIWI Peak Starter Pack

Aside from offering a convenient way of providing dog food that’s just as nutritious and digestible as a completely raw diet, ZIWI Peak’s also extremely versatile! You can serve it as a meal on its own or use it as a topper for any other diet to add texture and palatability to your dog’s meal - think of it as an accelerated Masterchef class! But if you need more convincing, we dived into 5 reasons why air dried dog food is the way to gohere!

ZIWI Peak Oral Health Chews

GDP Reviews: ZIWI Peak Starter Pack

There is always room for dessert! In your ZIWI Peak starter pack, you will also find aZIWI Peak Oral Health Chew. Now, these are not just any treat! They’re gently air dried to lock in essential nutrients, and also act as natural oral chews to promote good dental health - perfect for adding variety to your dog’s eating experiences!

Where to buy ZIWI Peak Dog Food?

Get your hands on the exclusive ZIWI Peak Starter Pack - available only on! Now going at 35% off, you’ll get your ZIWI Peak goodies in a gorgeous limited edition eco-friendly ZIWI tote bag too - limited sets available only!

GDP Reviews: ZIWI Peak Starter Pack

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