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ZIWI Peak started out with a very simple mission: to produce food that is carefully crafted for your pets to lead their best life possible. And they have delivered with peak nutrition from their finest selection ofZIWI Peak Dog Food range. 

If you’re ready to embark on a healthy adventure with your dog, then grab a bag ofZIWI Peak Air-Dried Dog Food at20% off and get afree ZIWI Good Dog Rewards (worth $15.80!) with every purchase of a ZIWI Peak 1kg, ZIWI Peak 2.5kg or ZIWI Peak 4kg bag!

The ZIWI Difference

GDP Reviews: ZIWI Peak Dog Food

Hailing all the way from the luscious greens and deep blues in New Zealand, ZIWI Peak produces their food in small batches where all ingredients are sourced only from sustainable, humane, and ethically managed farms. 

Determined to achieve the highest quality dog food, ZIWI Peak follows3 strict NOs:

NO Rendered Meals: Rendered meat or meals are often used as filler ingredients simply because they’re cheap. They do not contribute any nutritional benefit in any way. This means that you’re actually paying for less nutrition in a bag, but this concern is completely extinguished with ZIWI Peak.

NO Growth Promotants or Hormones Added:ZIWI Peak believes in providing the simplest form of nutrition in abundance. This means sourcing for animals that are free-ranging and grass-fed all year long, which translates into natural meat ingredients with the highest levels of essential nutrients and unsaturated fatty acids - all without the help of added hormone growth promotants. 

NO Grains, Rice, Soy, Potatoes:All ZIWI Peak dog food recipes are designed to mirror a whole prey diet that’s rich in proteins and fats from natural sources - just like the food dogs eat in the wild. 

The ZIWI Peak ingredients list may be shorter in comparison to other brands, but you’re definitely not missing out on any of the good stuff!

    ZIWI Peak Air Dried Dog Food

    GDP Reviews: ZIWI Peak Dog Food

    When we think of ZIWI Peak, the first thing that comes to mind is air dried pet food. It could possibly top the charts as one of the best air dried dog food in the market - and rightfully so - given the care and dedication that goes into their production processes!

    Adding a modern twist to traditional air-drying methods, ZIWI Peak’s air dried dog food range goes through a gradual twin-stage process to eliminate any harmful bacteria gently - preserving all essential nutrients in the process - and concentrating them into smaller serving sizes. The outcome? A nutrient-dense air dried raw dog food that can be fed as a topper or as a complete and balanced meal on its own. 

    ZIWI Peak Air-Dried Dog Food actually works great as an alternative to a raw diet too! Your dog will be able to enjoy a bowl overflowing with the same wholesome nutrients as a raw diet, and you’ll be able to enjoy the convenience of just scooping and serving up a nutritious meal. It’s the best of both worlds, literally. 

    GDP Reviews: ZIWI Peak Dog Food

    💡DID YOU KNOW:It takes 3 portions of raw ingredients to make 1 portion of Ziwi!💡

    In fact, one scoop of ZIWI Peak air dried food provides at least 318kcal, compared to a premium dog kibble (195kcal/ scoop) and even premium freeze dried dog food (99kcal/ scoop). This means that you feed less per meal compared to any other diets, which also makes it more economical!

    GDP Reviews: ZIWI Peak Dog Food

    Don’t worry about not filling up your pet’s tummy! All Ziwi products are formulated for a slow release of energy which will keep them fuller and satisfied for a longer time. Refer to thisZIWI Peak feeding guide if you need more accurate measurements!

    Each scoop is…power-packed with 96% meat, organs and bone,3% New Zealand Green Mussels which are a natural source of glucosamine and chondroitin (great for joint health), and7% species-specific tripe to enhance palatability and digestive health. 

    What’s available: Chicken, Lamb, Beef, Tripe & Lamb, Mackerel & Lamb, Venison

    ZIWI Peak Wet Dog Food

    GDP Reviews: ZIWI Peak Dog Food

    If your furry companion is a bigger fan of wet dog food, then you might want to consider the ZIWI Peak canned dog food recipes.

    Unlike most canned dog food in the market, ZIWI Peak’s formulas do without chemical binders like glycerine nor do they use cheap fillers like corn. Instead, ZIWI uses a natural binding agent: chickpeas, which also contribute greatly to lower the glycemic index in food! All these natural goodness are then packed into cans with BPA-free linings.

    In each can, you’ll find… 91% meat, organs and bone,3% New Zealand Green Mussels which are a natural source of glucosamine and chondroitin (great for joint health), and7% species-specific tripe to enhance palatability and digestive health. 

    What’s available: Beef, Lamb, Chicken, Mackerel & Lamb, Tripe & Lamb, Rabbit & Lamb, Venison

    ZIWI Peak Dog Treats

    GDP Reviews: ZIWI Peak Dog Food

    Very aptly named, theZIWIGood Dog Rewards dog treats are for all the good boys and girls out there. These delectable air dried dog treats work great as a training treat as they have a very high meat content (96% premium New Zealand meat and green mussels), making for a very satisfying reward during training sessions. It helps, too, that they come in portable pouches that you can easily grab and go!

    What’s available: Beef,Lamb,Venison

    GDP Reviews: ZIWI Peak Dog Food

    If you’re looking for something for your dog to gnaw on for hours on end, then theZIWI Peak Oral Health Chews definitely fit the bill. These nutritious dog chews act as a natural teeth cleaning solution as well - which is always a nice perk to have! 

    What’s available:Deer Hoofer,Venison Shank Bone,Half Venison Shank,Venison Lung & Kidney,Venison Green Tripe,Lamb Tripe,Lamb Ears,Lamb Drumsticks,Lamb Trachea,Beef Weasand

    Both Ziwi Good Dog Rewards dog treats and dental chews are air-dried naturally in a similar fashion as the ZIWI Peak air dried dog food range; retaining all their natural goodness in a shelf-stable form. 

    So is ZIWI Peak a good dog food? We’ll leave it to you to decide!

    Where to buy ZIWI Peak Dog Food?

    We’ll save you a trip to the store and deliver it straight to you when you buy ZIWI Peak online! You’ll also enjoy exclusive promotions when you shop with us: receive a freeZIWI Good Dog Rewards dog treats with every 1kg, 2.5kg or 4kg bag purchased! Need a taste test? Redeem free trial packs and a $10 voucher - all on us!

    GDP Reviews: ZIWI Peak Dog Food

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