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To raise a super (healthy) dog, you need to introduce superfoods in their life! We are what we eat, so of course, it matters a whole lot what goes into our dogs’ bellies.

As Singapore’s only pet superfood company, The Grateful Pet includes a whopping 5 mega superfoods in ALL of their 15 recipes. This means by feeding their range of recipes, your dog’s health gets boosted further! Think - improved gut health, stronger joints, healthier liver and more.

Excitingly, even with this super inclusion, prices are pleasantly affordable! Packed in easy-to-open pouches, simply tear it and serve your pup. A hassle-free meal in just under three minutes - so convenient! 

GDP Reviews: The Grateful Pet - Not just fresh, but super charged with super food!

Whether you are new pet parents looking for a suitable diet for your new dog, existing pawrents looking to switch from dry or wet food to fresh food, or pawrents simply looking to rotate among other fresh food brands, say hello to The Grateful Pet's fresh recipes that are calibrated to be nutritionally balanced and complete for dogs according to AAFCO guidelines.

The Grateful Difference

Inclusion of 5 Superfoods 

The Grateful Pet carries 8 gently cooked and 7 raw recipes. Each of these formulations include the following superfoods:

  1. Reishi Mushroom - contains beta glucans that modulate immune system and help treat chronic degenerative diseases like cancer
  2. New Zealand Green Lipped Mussels - a naturally rich source of glycosaminoglycans that is great for treating arthritic and joint pains
  3. Prebiotic Seaweed - improves cardiovascular, liver and metabolic function by moderating healthy gut bacteria
  4. Dandelion Root / Milk Thistle - rich in essential vitamins and help prevent and treat liver damage
  5. Activated Curcumin - contains anti-inflammatory properties and support healthy digestion 

GDP Reviews: The Grateful Pet - Not just fresh, but super charged with super food!

While other fresh and raw dog food brands in the market also contain superfoods, The Grateful Pet stands at the top in terms of the range of mega superfoods they include. As a whole, these superfoods provide a range of health benefits from helping to prevent and treat liver damage and boosting your pup’s immune system to improving metabolic functions and arthritic and joint pains. Healthy on the inside, you can be sure that your pup’s skin and coat will shine naturally.

Gently Cooked and Raw Range

With an aim to recreate a diet that is most suited for the nutritional requirements and digestive tracts of each species, all of their recipes, whether gently cooked or raw, are high in animal-based protein. Look forward to a highly nutritious meal containing 70% meat and organs!

Feeding a fresh, gently cooked or raw dog food diet is in itself very enticing to our pups. It’s akin to us having a plate of minced meat dish or sashimi. Oh yum! But do you know we can make it even better for our pups? 

GDP Reviews: The Grateful Pet - Not just fresh, but super charged with super food!

Rotational feeding! This can help your dogs increase nutrient intake and reduce the risk of allergies and intolerances related to food. A great practice for any dog owner! 

Expand your dog’s palate and keep their bellies satisfied with The Grateful Pet’s array of exciting proteins such as Kangaroo, Salmon & Sardines, Venison and Duck. If your pup enjoys the more common proteins, they have Beef, Chicken, Pork and Lamb to suit their taste buds. Ingredients are also 100% natural and human grade. It’s mealtimes made super!

A great shout for the pawrents on the go - their packaging makes feeding a breeze! Simply open the pack, serve, and watch your dog dig in. 

GDP Reviews: The Grateful Pet - Not just fresh, but super charged with super food!

The Grateful Discount

Enjoy 10% Off Every 2 Cases Now! 

To experience The Grateful Difference, you simply have to try it! Here’s a little something to get you started on your fresh and raw dog food journey -Enjoy 10% off every 2 cases when you purchase The Grateful Pet with us from 14 June - 14 July. What’s more, they also donate a portion of their sales to Causes for Animals, a local shelter that they partner with. 

If you would like to find out more about fresh and raw dog food, we’ve written an article that you can read before bed time or at the toilet - your choice, we ain’t gonna judge!

To raise super dogs with super health, try The Grateful Pet today!  

GDP Reviews: The Grateful Pet - Not just fresh, but super charged with super food!

About The Grateful Pet

Previously known as The Grateful Dog, they have since rebranded The Grateful Pet in 2021 to reflect the company’s expanding nutritional offerings for both dogs AND cats. Their recipes and products are of AAFCO standards and The Grateful Give Back is their way of supporting local animal shelters.




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