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These days everything’s going smart, from smart fridges to smart cars. So why can’t your favourite pup enjoy smart living too? Guess what - they can!

There are plenty of smart gadgets on the market like interactive smart dog toys that help busy puppy parents keep their dogs entertained. There are also smart pet trackers that help keep track of your dog’s food and water intake or even their activity levels!

5 Essential Smart Dog Gadgets You Need Today

Other than dog food and other canine necessities, our online pet store also carries a wide range of useful smart dog gadgets! The recent trend of pawrents using air tags to track their dogs shows that these smart gadgets aren’t just a fancy fad -  they can keep them safe and healthy too!

Let’s take a look at 5 of the most useful smart dog gadgets you should grab for your pup!

1. PetKit’s Smart Dog Bowl

5 Essential Smart Dog Gadgets You Need Today

This sleek petkit bowl fits right into any smart household. Made of BioCleanAct Material, it’s easy to clean and anti-bacterial. But what exactly makes it smart? 

This petkit bowl comes with a built-in scale and LCD screen that helps keep track of your pup’s daily feeding amount. For dogs with specific nutritional requirements, this tool is a perfect way to help manage their diet. 

By entering details like your pup’s weight, breed and chosen dog food brand, this high-tech dog bowl can help precisely weigh out exactly what your pup might need!

Find PetKit’s Smart Dog Bowl on GoodDogPeople.

2. PetKit’s Smart Pet Dog Feeder

5 Essential Smart Dog Gadgets You Need Today

Want to go even smarter? PetKit has the perfect tool for you! PetKit’s Fresh Element Smart Dog Feeder is a fully automated smart feeder that dispenses exactly the right amount of dog food your pup needs -  every time. 

The moisture-proof dog food container is easy to clean and fully sealed to ensure your pup’s food is kept fresh and is equipped with state of the art bionics technology to make sure your dog’s food is never stuck. 

Easily control your pup’s diet with PetKit’s Smart Phone Control system. Set up feeding plans easily through the application and track your pup’s diet closer than before. 

Find PetKit’s Smart Pet Dog Feeder on GoodDogPeople.

3. PetKit’s Solo Drinking Fountain

5 Essential Smart Dog Gadgets You Need Today

Able to hold up to 1.8L of water, PetKit’s Solo Drinking Fountain is relatively light and easy to refill. Plus, it comes with four filtration systems to ensure your pup has clean and pure drinking water at all times. 

Petkit’s Solo Drinking Fountain is also designed with a low soothing light source to help your pup find water even in the dark. It’s also equipped with 5V Brushless water pumps that reduce water movement to avoid excessive noise.

Find PetKit’s Solo Drinking Fountain on GoodDogPeople.

4. Pawbo’s Smart Pet Treat Dispenser

5 Essential Smart Dog Gadgets You Need Today

Want to give your pup a treat even when you’re not home? Pawbo has you covered with their Smart Pet Treat Dispenser.

This smart treat dispenser is built to entertain - with attention-grabbing music and an LED display perfect for attracting your pup’s attention. Your pup’s treats are one click away using Pawbo’s easy-setup remote control. 

With Pawbo’s Smart Treat Dispenser, you can also easily control the size of the treats you want to feed your pup and control exactly how much your pup gets at one time! No more overeating on treats!

Find Pawbo’s Smart Pet Treat Dispenser on GoodDogPeople.

5. Cheerble’s Wickedbone Smart Dog Toy

5 Essential Smart Dog Gadgets You Need Today

If your pup gets bored, frustrated or anxious when you’re busy, Cheerble’s Wickedbone Smart Dog Toy will help relieve some pressure. This sleek and futuristic toy is a great way to stimulate your pup and get them exercising. 

It comes with 9 motion options available including auto-play modes or joystick drive modes depending on how much control you want to have. In auto-play mode, the Wicked Bone responds to your pup in different ways - keeping the game fresh and exciting!

Best of all, the Wicked Bone is made to last, with FSA Food-grade polycarbonate that’s easily disassembled and cleaned. In fact, it's 10% off this June!

Find Cheerble’s Wickedbone Smart Dog Toy on GoodDogPeople.

5 Essential Smart Dog Gadgets You Need Today

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