by Kim Lee January 02, 2020 5 min read

2019 — what a year it was! As we stand on the cusp of a new year and a whole new decade, we look back at the amazing 2019 that we had and are reminded yet again by how blessed we are. We remain ever so thankful to be able to grow together with the pet community! As always, our commitment to serve and better the pet community the responsible way never wavers, and will only continue to grow from hereon. Walk with us as we reflect on the fruitful and fulfilling year that we had.

BARE: Bringing Premium Pet Food & Affordability Together

A Look Back At 2019: Our Journey As A Responsible Pet Store

Early April this year, we launched our very own home brand: BARE Pet Food. With a goal of bridging the gap between premium pet food and an affordable price tag, BARE was born. BARE’s single ingredient Air Dried Treats and Meal Boosters have 0% nasties and are brimming with what’s real and free from what’s not.

A Look Back At 2019: Our Journey As A Responsible Pet Store

BARE’s single ingredient treats arealso ethically sourced from Australia and air-dried naturally for your dog to reap the maximum nutritional benefits from the bare essentials, allwithout breaking the bank!

Pet Expo 2019: Exclusive Launches of New & Old Brands

A Look Back At 2019: Our Journey As A Responsible Pet Store

Pet Expo 2019 was a wild ride for us! We got to put faces to many of our customers and made many more new friends too. We also had the amazing opportunity to launch the comeback of Grandma Lucy’s in Singapore, alongside the introduction of new brandsBARE,Carna4, andBarkshop! Aside from that, we got many compliments on our booth design, particularly the giant hot air balloon that fronted our space. This was a set up that took a lot of time and effort, so we’re so glad that it was well-received! To read more about the incredible time that we had at Pet Expo 2019 - readhere. Pet Expo 2020 is going to be bigger and better, so you can expect to look forward to some very exciting things coming up!

The [Not So] Convenience Store: Sustainability Made Accessible

At GDP, we’re staunch believers of going green and always try our best to incorporate environmentally friendly practices into our fulfillment process. So we were extremely delighted to be a part of The [Not So] Convenience Store Exhibition by Temasek Shophouse and Kinetic Singapore in June this year.

A Look Back At 2019: Our Journey As A Responsible Pet Storet

This exhibition was set up to raise awareness about how our culture of convenience is contributing to global warming and climate change. The space was stocked up with eco-friendly items including our contributions of biodegradableEarth Ratedpoop bags and dispensers!

Vulcan Post: GDP's Foundation as a Responsible Pet Store

In July, the good folks fromVulcan Post featured GDP with a wonderful write up! This article documented Terry’s (our founder) leap of faith to embark on his entrepreneurial journey and how GDP was formed to fill the gaping hole in the pet industry. He talked about how GDP was built with a mission tomake the journey for pet parents as blemish-free as possible and how we work to establish that every day so that we are allable to count more memories with our dogs.Read morehere.

Lianhe Zaobao: Empowering a Different Demographic

A Look Back At 2019: Our Journey As A Responsible Pet Store

In October, we were grateful to find ourselves on a full page feature by Lianhe Zaobao. Considering that the readers could be of a demographic who are used to the more traditional ways of pet care, our founder took the opportunity to debunk pet care myths which every well-informed pet owner should know.

KONG Box: Discover Fun + Functional in a Box

A couple of months back, we launched the firstKONG Boxin Asia! We put together five very special KONG Boxes to highlight the fun, yet functional aspect of KONG toys. Each box is filled with a carefully picked selection of fun and functional toys to target specific behaviours. We also came out with a limited edition Christmas box in time for the festive holiday! Keep your eyes peeled for more seasonal boxes in the (very) near future!

Xmas 2019: Seeking Out Our Dog's Purpose

During the most magical time of the year, we wanted to share the joy and positivity that our dogs radiate. So we sat down with three families to discuss what we think our dog’s purpose is.What we got were heartwarming tales of love, companionship, and unbreakable bonds between humans and dogs.

World's First ASMR Dog Contest: Amplifying the Meaning of 'Feed Clean'

In December, we partnered withNutro Singapore to run thefirst ever dog ASMR contest with the intention of spreading the importance of feeding clean food to our dogs! Extremely cute videos of dogs crunching and chomping down on their healthy food aside, we were glad to see that many pet parents are strong advocates of feeding clean!

HeyVet: Credible Answers from International Experts

A Look Back At 2019: Our Journey As A Responsible Pet Store

In the second half of 2019, we tookHeyVet! one step further and invited nutrition experts beyond our shores to share their advice on questions that the pet community had. We shared the platform with brands (ZIWI Peak and NUTRO) that had values which aligned with ours - to empower the pet community with credible answers to any of their pet concerns. We hope to continue sharing this community platform with more brands who dream the same dream of bettering the pet community together, in the near future.

Bringing Variety With New & Exciting Brands

A Look Back At 2019: Our Journey As A Responsible Pet Store

A Look Back At 2019: Our Journey As A Responsible Pet Store

During the course of the year, we brought in a couple of new and very exciting international brands - these are brands that made their appearance in Singapore for the first time too! Fan favourites include the earth friendly, natural brandBurt’s Bees, modern, cool, and sleekLand Rover merchandise, and Barkshop toys that were created by dog people, for dogs!

A Look Back At 2019: Our Journey As A Responsible Pet Store

We also became one of the few trusted online stores to carry highly sought after brands likeOrijen,Acana, andOrganic Paws. As many of you may (or may not) know - most online pet stores stock everything; we don't. That’s why we’re so thrilled every time we announce that we’re bringing in a new and amazing high quality brand!


A Look Back At 2019: Our Journey As A Responsible Pet Store

From all of us at GDP, we wish you a beautiful and happy New Year. May 2020 embrace everyone with love, sunshine, and good cheer.We thank you for your unwavering support, for greeting the GDP team with furry smiles, and for being part of our journey this year – we can’t wait to be a part of your 2020.Here’s to looking forward to more adventures with our furry companions in 2020!

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    Kim is an avid dog lover, serial guac and chips eater, and thrill seeker - all in one body. Currently chillin’ with her dogs.

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