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Acana Dog Food

Out of the many dog food brands , Acana has one of the best dog food because it is a high nutrition dog food . Acana sees the importance of having biologically appropriate dog food that is not only fresh but also pet-safe. That is why Acana dog food products are prepared in Acana’s kitchen and in detail. Acana also focuses on continuous development at their BAFRINO Research and Innovation Centre, formulating recipes that enhance Acana products .  

Acana has a wide range of dog kibbles and mainly come in four variations - Acana Heritage dog food , Acana Classics dog food, Acana Regionals dog food and Acana Singles dog food . The Acana Heritage dog food product line is suitable for all life stages and includes Acana Puppy, which aims to help support puppy’s overall growth. Acana’s recipes are designed to produce high meat content dry dog food , which comes in wholeprey food ratio, providing your dog the benefits of raw natural nutrition. Acana also has freeze-dried treats that are suitable for dogs with food sensitivities. 

If you were wondering where is Acana dog food sold in Singapore , you might like to know that it is available here at, where you will also be able to find out more about how much does Acana dog food cost. In general, Acana treats are priced at $15 and  Acana dog food prices range from $45-$60. However, at, we have attractive discounts on all Acana products . For more information on how is Acana dog food good for your dog, you can refer to the top 3 benefits section on this page.



Yes! Acana adapts the Biologically Appropriate concept to all of their food which means they mirror the evolutionary diet of dogs - featuring a high protein diet with meat inclusions of up to 75%, of which up to 50% are fresh or raw! These Fresh ingredients typically travel from farm to kitchen within 3 days and into the foods within 2 days. Acana dog food is also infused with freeze-dried liver, making it highly palatable even for picky eaters!

No, the range of Acana dog food that we carry are all grain-free dry dog food. The recipes are formulated to follow WholePrey ratios of meat, organs, cartilage, and bone. Acana delivers nutrients naturally, in their most nourishing form, for peak health and development.




High Meat Content Kibbles

Acana kibbles contain 50-75% of meat protein providing the raw natural nutrition your dog needs

Single Protein Freeze Dried Treats

These freeze-dried treats are perfect for dogs with food sensitivities