Acana Dog Food

Trusted since 1975, Acana aims to create biologically appropriate dog food in their award-winning kitchens by taking our pup’s natural meat-based diet to the next level. Acana uses only the most sustainable fresh and raw ingredients to develop extra tasty variants of Acana dog food for pups at all stages in their lives, like Acana Yorkshire Pork Dog Food.
Using healthy cooking methods like steam-cooking without added water, Acana ensures their products are tasty, nourishing and all natural. Not only does Acana offer a wide range of protein-based diets, but Acana also has specialised diets like their Heritage Puppy Large Breed Dog Food that’s formulated just for large breed puppies!


With their commitment to thorough testing and formulation, Acana dog food diets are chock full of vitamins, mineral and other nutrients every dog needs.

Their specific focus on WholePrey diets, meaning diets that incorporate meat, organs and cartilage in portions that mirror your pup’s natural diets, eliminates the need for artificial ingredients to boost your pup’s health. Acana adult dog food such as Acana Regionals Grasslands Dog Food contains all the nutrients your pup might need.
To find out more about how Acana’s special diets can fit in your pup’s life, read on here!

Acana has a wide range of puppy-suitable diets that support growing puppies with all natural, ethical protein-sources. In particular, Acana freeze dried Heritage Puppy & Junior Dog Food contains 60% WholePrey fresh meat perfect for picky puppies.

Acana foods are made specifically to be biologically appropriate. In other words, it mirrors what your dog needs in nature. As a rule of thumb, all Acana products follow nature’s 5 rules - they must be rich in a wide range of fresh or raw protein with minimal processing and a healthy serving of farm-fresh vegetables and fruits.

This holistic approach to dog diets ensures Acana’s products are nutrient-rich and provide your pup with everything from fiber and antioxidants to other nutrients like vitamin B and Iron.