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Feeding your pup well doesn’t always have to come with a price tag! Great taste and variety might even be closer than you think - all it takes is a little research and creativity. After all, a lot of the food we humans like to eat are also great for dogs! 

Add some fresh in your pup’s bowl for as low as $1 

For as little as $1 extra every day, you can easily take your pup’s dinner to the next level. Here are 5 human foods your pup will love!

5 Foods You Can Enjoy With Your Dog

#1 Eggs

Eggs are an excellent source of protein for dogs - and they are cheap too! They’re also full of awesome nutrients like Iron, Vitamin A and B12, as well as fatty acids that help boost your dog’s overall health. 

To start, try adding an egg (raw or cooked) to your pup’s diet 1-2 times a week! If your pup is a small breed or you’re looking to introduce eggs for the first time, try using a quail egg. For eggs that are organic, you might want to try grinding the shells down - sprinkle a small amount in your pup’s food to boost their calcium. But be careful not to feed your pup too much calcium!

5 Foods You Can Enjoy With Your Dog

That said, it can sometimes be a bit of hassle to prepare eggs for your pup. Instead, get your pup the same benefits and more through supplements like Four Leaf Rover’s Green Eggs Joint & Mobility Dog Supplements! This special blend of Green Lipped Mussels, Eggshell Membranes, Poria Mushrooms and Curcumin, are excellent for reducing inflammation and improving your pup’s joint and cartilage health. 

For a fast and easy calcium boost, sprinkle The Barkery’s Egg Shell Powder on your dog’s daily diet!

#2 Yogurt

After a great dinner, it’s always nice to curl up and relax with a dessert like yogurt! Next time you do, consider giving your dog a small helping too!


5 Foods You Can Enjoy With Your Dog

Yogurt is a natural source of probiotics and is great for pups with digestive issues. They also come in low-fat options that are great for pups of all sizes to enjoy. Do make sure to avoid feeding your pup flavoured yogurt as the added sugar content may be harmful for your dog. For an extra kick, pop the yogurt in KONG Classic Dog Toy and freeze it - this makes a great and engaging treat time!

Or add a couple of tasty fruits and your dog will have a great post-meal reward! If your furkid’s digestive issues still persist, try Dom & Cleo’s Probiotics Dog Supplements. This supplement contains a powerful formula of good bacteria that’s just what your dog needs. 

For a similar, but mess-free experience, treat your pup to some of Fruitable’s Greek Strawberry Yogurt Dog Treats!

#3 Sardines

Canned Sardines are inexpensive, pungent but oh so tasty for our dogs! The best part - they’re also great for them! Just make sure it's salt-free and packed with water, not oil, and feed right after opening the can.

Sardines contain lots of omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA that will do wonders for your dog’s skin and coat. Plus, they also help regulate your dog’s immune system which is great for dogs with allergies or autoimmune health issues. 

5 Foods You Can Enjoy With Your Dog

Sardines are, however, a little high in calories. Make sure to feed your dog an appropriate amount occasionally - 1 canned sardine for small dog breeds, larger canned fish options for larger dog breeds. 

For a delicious fishy option, The Grateful Pet makes the tastiest fresh frozen dog food! In fact, their Gently Cooked (Salmon & Sardine) Dog Food is not only great as a meal, it’s also great as a topper or a special treat!

#4 Vegetables and Fruits

An apple a day keeps the doctor away - for you,andyour dog! Fruits and vegetables are absolutely packed with all sorts of beneficial nutrients like antioxidants! They’re also generally low-calorie, so you don’t have to worry about maintaining your dog’s weight as much.

Berries are an especially tasty source of antioxidants. Other suitable fruits and vegetables include bananas, apples, melon, carrots, peas and even broccoli. Just make sure to stay away from starchy vegetables like potatoes, and especially from ingredients like grapes that may be harmful to your dog!

5 Foods You Can Enjoy With Your Dog

To make absolutely sure your pup is getting the best, try Kin+Kind’s USDA certified organic BerryBoost Dog Supplement! These supplements are great for dogs at all life stages and best of all are made without additives or genetically modified ingredients - they’re perfectly safe for dogs!

#5 Soup

This might not be an obvious one, but dogslove broth. Bone broth is super tasty and great for picky eaters - if your dog has been experiencing low appetite, a dose of bone broth or chicken broth is sure to perk them right back up!

While there are quite a few recipes you can follow online that are relatively easy and fuss-free, the Barkery makes versatile All Natural Frozen Bone Broth that is slow-cooked in small batches for the ultimate quality control. They’re great for your pup’s joints and liver health and are made with zero additives! So convenient!

5 Foods You Can Enjoy With Your Dog

Do however always speak with your vet if you’re looking to include or introduce new foods for a peace of mind. With that in mind, spicing up your dog’s meals can be so simple! If you prefer no fuss at all, GDP got your back with the many different supplements, treats and dog food toppers that we offer.



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