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You’re out on a walk when you find a lost dog running around, no owners in sight. What do you do? Do you try to approach it or even catch it? How do you find its owners? Where should you bring the dog if you can’t care for it yourself? 

It’s a tough situation to be in, because you don’t want to scare away the pup, but you also want to help them if you can. Let’s take a look at what you can do if you found a lost dog in Singapore!

Found a lost dog? Here’s what you can do!

Step 1: Assess the Situation

When you see a dog wandering around alone, the first instinct is often to try and get near them. But not every dog is friendly to strangers! Plus, lost dogs are often scared and stressed, and may even be injured. These factors all add to how they’ll react to your approach. 

Instead, monitor their body language - check if they’re calm and relaxed, or have their guard up. You can tell if a dog is guarded when their body language is stiff, hairs standing on end or have their teeth bared. Note: A wagging tail is not necessarily a sign of a friendly dog!

Found a lost dog? Here’s what you can do!

Step 2A: Approach

If they seem relaxed, approach slowly with your body turned to the side rather than head on. Squat down to their level and reach your hand out so the dog can smell you. 

Only reach out their dog collars when it’s clear the dog is comfortable with you! If they don’t have a collar for you to secure, you might want to stay around while you figure out your next line of help. It’s a bonus if you have delicious treats like Stella & Chewy’s Raw Coated Biscuits on you. Try coaxing them with treats.

Found a lost dog? Here’s what you can do!

Step 2B: Call For Help 

If the dog doesn’t seem very friendly or looks too scared or aggressive to approach, call for help! SPCA’s emergency hotline and online reporting service is open 24/7. NPark’s Animal Management Centre can also be contacted. They’ll be more equipped to handle more aggressive animals. Afterwards, they’ll also post missing dog ads on their website. 

While waiting for SPCA to arrive, make sure to take some pictures or videos of the lost dog in case it leaves before help can arrive. Take note of the location where you found the pup!

Step 3A: Check for Identification

Success! You managed to get a hold of the dog and they seem friendly! What next?

Check the pup for any identification. Do they have a collar with a dog tag? Most of these dog id tags are engraved with their owner’s number. If the lucky pup has dog collars with names, you’ll be able to contact their owner quickly!

Found a lost dog? Here’s what you can do!

Step 3B: Get To A Vet

If the pup doesn’t have any dog id tags, you may need to keep the pup a little longer. 

First thing to do, get them to a veterinarian right away. This is important not only for finding out if they have any illnesses or medical conditions that need attention, but also to check if they have any identification.

Most dogs in Singapore are microchipped with a tiny transponder that is embedded in their skin. It can be read with a microchip scanner that most vets and animal shelters will have. These contain important information that can often lead to the lost pup’s owner!

Step 4: Keeping Them Safe

If you need to foster the pup while you search for their owner or wait for them to come get the pup, you’ll need a temporary holding area. If you can keep them at home, set up a small area in a separate room for them. Keep them away from other pets, unless the vet has given them the green light!

Give them plenty of fresh water and dog food if you have any. You could also get a few cans of food like Wellness’s Core Grain Free Canned Dog Food to tide the pup over. They’re also probably scared and anxious, so try to keep noise and stimulation to a minimum if you can!

Step 5: Local Shelters

If it’s inconvenient for you or a friend/relative to foster the pup, contact NPark’s Animal Management Centre or SPCA. They have animal facilities that will be able to temporarily house the lost dog!

Found a lost dog? Here’s what you can do!

Step 6: Search For Owners

Look out for posts online, on newspapers or even flyers posted around where you found the pup. These can have important contact information that will help you reunite the pup with their owners!

You can also post on pets groups on Facebook such as Lost and found pets in Singapore! These communities are active and always willing to help, especially if you need help caring for the lost pup. Lost dog posts are in general a great way to reach out to the pup’s owners!

With any luck, you’ll be able to find their owner in no time!

Responsible Dog Ownership

Losing a dog can be tough - so to save yourself from potential heartbreak, it’s important to take the necessary precautions to prevent your pup from getting lost!

Make sure to house-proof your home so your dog is not able to run out the door easily. For dogs that dash out of the house the moment the door is open, train them to expect great treats like Zeal Air Dried Dog Treats whenever the door is opened. Eventually, you’ll be able to get your pup to sit and wait for treats while you open the door.

Found a lost dog? Here’s what you can do!

It’s also vital to make sure your pup has their microchip updated with your recent information. Having a dog collar like Ruffwear’s Flat Out Dog Collar with a dog tag containing your contact details is also a great way to make sure you can be reached when your pup is found!

Make sure to also regularly replace your pup’s harness and leash. Or get a durable set like the Sputnik’s Harness + Leash Set to make sure they don’t break and have your pup running off! Find out more about responsible pet ownership here!



Editor’s Note: 

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